Liberal Media Use Bush’s Death To Trash Trump

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The liberal media vilified George H.W. Bush and the Bush family for decades, now they love him and are praising his accomplishments and public service.
So why the change?
Donald trump of course.
Sadly some in the liberal media are using Bush’s death as an reason to Trash our President.

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David Jerome Putnam says:

DC will replace Fox and CNN, because we live in a bushless age.

Larry says:

Anything Mika spews out of her Joe-hole comes from a deep, dark chasm of extreme mental illness. And Joy Blowhard? We already know about her deep-seated psychosis & toxic TDS.

Ernest Imken says:

Wait a year and we may find out what his involvement was in JFKs assasination while head of the CIA.

Awake with Eyes wide open says:

I'm not going to mourn a neocon! he was a traitor to this country!

Scrotus Maximus says:

Bush was part of the NWO and deep state. He was a Neo-Con and a determent to the United States. His father was Prescott Bush who was charged with trading with the enemy during the second world war.
As for his son "Dubya", he should be charged with war crimes for the murderous disaster in IRAQ after 9/11. The same goes for Dick-Head Cheney, the man who was really the President during that time.

Muddy Mudskipper says:

Everyone is lying about Bush. He was a globalist elitist that ran in the upper echelons of society, performing Satanic rituals at Skull and Bones. He also brought NWO to everyone's vocabulary and made the agenda overt for the first time. He was always a puppet in bed with the Middle East and CIA who only had his own legacy at interest. I think all sides are lying about him, including Daily Caller. No President after JFK is worth talking about.

Ricardo Azabache says:

Why don you talk about the President Obama!!!!! Obama should be indict for tapping political gain and spy President Trump, and stop Obama for lying to the nation and hit with felony indictment
There is no complications because you the media created the collusion show that the nation see every single day and it will never stop!!!!!!!!!

Derik O'Brain says:


Jeff Tidwell says:

Meghan McCain nailed it, but the one-issue for these 6 and 7 figure pundits isn’t Trump. It’s money.

DrPsychedelic says:

And he killed Kennedy…

Super Novanika says:

Bush -skull & bones> JFK murdered

Chris W says:

It’s not Republicans fault that Willie Horton was black.

ronin one says:

This channel is losing credibility. Tell what he was really about.

SGT ROCK says:

Bush is one of the most corrupt pieces of sht that ever stepped foot on the planet! Hope he is burning in hell!

jay Badloss says:

And i just found my new favorite reporter

White Wolf says:

Maggots all.

Oswald Cobblepot says:

Dem tiddies do.

I Shop At Kmart says:

Damn Steph what are you doing to me? We just need a little look girl?

Tim Gannon says:

There is no low to which liberals will not go. I am damned sure no fan of that globalist NWO pushing criminal thug Bush, but to praise him, just to try and sneak in some more Trump bashing is really pathetic.The left would put up a serial killing cannibal rapist on a pedestal and worship him, as long as that criminal was an outspoken never Trumper, They did the same thing with McStain..used his funeral as a Trump bashing platform. Disgusting.

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