Migrants Test Fortifications Along US Border with Mexico

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A metal fence separating US-Mexico border between Imperial Beach and Tijuana proved to be no challenge for hundreds of Central American migrants who scaled the wall with ease, taunting the American border agents on the other side.
Not all the migrants who broke away from the main caravan of asylum seekers found shelters once they arrived in Tijuana, Mexico. Many of those eagerly pursuing their dreams of a promised land continued west before they arrived at Border Field State Park in Imperial Beach, California.

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Michael Cabada says:

Shit, even the Mexicans don't want them there.

GoodTimeD 69 says:

Brave heart. (The move) freedoooom

Airik1111 says:

Yep look at all the woman and children climbing the fence the poor sad "migrants" ……Sorry but everyone I've talked to in my sick leftwing state of Oregon actually don't want these scum buckets coming here. Things are changing and the news tries to make people feel outnumbered or "divided" ….,.NOPE just you freaking NPC sjw freaks in the citys want this crap ,….the rest of us with common sense want a nice big wall.

If I had it my way I'd have armed forces lock and loaded with orders to shoot warning shots at those who jump and test the border line. ….If anyone throws rocks bottles or anything else then defend themselves….That would end the so called caravan .

Linda Muzychka says:

And Mexico is taking good care of them they feed them and give them shelter so it's not like they can be starved out yet cause Mexico has a never ending supply of food for thousands.

Linda Muzychka says:

Deadbeat bastards have nothing better to do.

Moomoo dancer says:

They are waiting for a bigger carvan amount. Dome are cutting it now wire and tossing it to ground.pland they have for larger group.

Ann Bertoli says:

Rocks does nothing to a bullet headed towards their face. The whole situation is very sad. I pray for the innocent.

Ross Tapp says:

When is the U.S. going to use the Israeli tactics and deploy snipers?

Crazy Canuck says:

Why isn't there razor wire on top of every fence, or, maybe, get some sharpshooters out there with rubber bullets, they wont know where the bullets are coming from, and once you nail a few of them, you won't have a problem with them sitting on top of the fence taunting border security, they won't want to get hit with these rubber bullets twice, time for the Cats to get the Mice, no more playing games with these fuckers, they like to taunt our border security, but they say they left their country because of gangs?? there are 1000's of them, why didn't they taunt the gangs and stay in their country instead of bothering everybody else??

Robert Simonton says:

We had better be ready with our military. Criminal animals they come over the fence. The Geneva Convention says you can put a cap over their heads where they can't see where they are. Bind their hands. Criminals do not get special treatment.

Mysterious AnimatorX says:

Stop voting for Democrats and we can end this for good!

Vivian Sanchez says:


Peter Christain says:

Donald Trump the do-nothing president do you have to ask yourself why isn't Donald Trump stopping it because he is a traitor to America and God

Carol MacDonald says:

They already attacked the boarder gate, tore it almost off its hinges…moved back with pepper bombs shot at them…good to see!!!!

JR JR says:

NOV 17 2018
Donald Trump is actually the spirit of Moses the law giver and the wall he builds is the Iron Law of God! He is standing in the gap staying the hand of Gods destruction on America for her sins read EZK 22:30-31 If that wall is not built for any reason at all America will be destroyed immediately we will be turned over to our enemies, those enemies are at the gates right now, our borders and millions will flood through it overnight. So here is what God is saying I believe so loosen up and pay attention!! You only have two options left: BE TOTALLY DESTROYED BY MY HAND OR RETURN TO THE IRON LAW OF MOSE'S (WHICH IS THE WALL SYMBOLICALLY) THERE IS NO THIRD OPTION ANYMORE AS GRACE (ELIJAH MESSAGE OF REPENTANCE) IS FADING FAST. I WILL ALLOW THE BORDERS TO FALL IF YOU DO NOT BUILD THE WALL OR (COME BACK TO MY LAW) The man who carries the ELIJAH MESSAGE (THE MANTLE) will appear in the White House to Trump and give him the mantle of reconciliation but through the LAW not GRACE! The very moment this transfer happens the few true believers of the Elijah spirit (LIKELY THOUSANDS) will rapture out and home.

Sidney Boudro says:

Looking for there welfare.

george mcelroy says:

To arms. To arms !

N L says:

It's Concertina or razor wire, not Constantine, sorry.

Rigo Rangel says:

The citizens of Tijuana are kicking the caravan out of their city.

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