Pence Warns US Is Gearing Up for All-Out Cold War with China Unless It Bows to All US Demands

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Washington expects Beijing to undertake a dramatic change in all of its policies to accommodate US demands and is prepared for prolonged hostilities if it does not, Vice President Mike Pence reportedly said.
The confrontational stance of the Trump administration was described by journalist Josh Rogin in a Washington Post opinion piece. He said Pence outlined it to him during a flight aboard Air Force Two on the VP’s Asian trip.

The US wants China to offer concessions on a wide range of grievances, from intellectual property protection to territorial claims in the South China Sea.

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Paul Carbaugh says:

Economy boosting tactics not working anymore? Can't figure out why? The Government needs to start figuring out how to make the economy work without wrecking lives! Dead economy walking last one out of the world shut the lights off! Drug laws create criminals

Jessica Miller says:

Bullshit they don't want to die no more than anyone else! And before we lose a war to them we would light the world on fire!

? says:

America will wipe the floor with any country that goes up against it at war.
America is built for war and are battle hardened.
China hasn't had a test in combat in recent times so they don't actually know if they're is floads in their system and battle plans you only find them out in real combat situations China is any country that'll get found out if they went to war and probably only way of standing a chance is to start using nuclear weapons

George Johnson says:

first off China is not doing none of that. This is not about trade it's about them dumping American debt and refusing to accept the dollar. Don't forget the BRICS nations they started there own banks. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. That's why there putting santions on China and Russia, and they sent the President of Brazil to Prison for corruption. It's all about the dollar.

MandMe 1991 says:

We've been in a cold war with China since the 1940s

J C says:

I don't think China gives a shit about the U.S. However the U.S. is dependent on China's exports.
China's 2017 GDP growth is 3 times of that of U.S.'s
And to threaten with military power? LOL Don't kid yourself Pence. A war with China means no one gets to live on earth afterwards.

Rocky B says:

America, the essence of evil!

Marian Dycus says:

As far as vice president Pence goes….ive not enough evidence to prove him one way or the other….time will tell us who and what he really is.Ive read alot of negative statements inwhich to me remain rumors but like i say time tells on everyone.

Michael Diaz says:

Same old shit from the US. This country could not defeat the Chinese in the Korean War when it was the only so called super power on the planet, and it can't damn sure do it now. My mom likes to watch the old people's channels cozi and get tv, and man is it an eye opener. All those old 50s and 60s programs are chockful of American jingoism and white American values superiority. No wonder the cultural revolution hit when it did. The US is $20 trillion in debt, sold its soul to predatory capitalism, and now there is no other place to aspire. The Chinese are a 5000 year old culture, and an arrogant prick of nation not even 250 years old and and so impoverished that the very society it intends to capitulate holds its purse strings. It is just plain stupidity and asking for an ass kicking in the worst way

OvO knowledge says:

America always wanted the world to bow down to them sounds alot like lucifer until the nukes start flying

Marie Martini says:

Don't you hate it when someone narrates in tries to tell us a very important news story? How about just putting Mike Pence on the video so we could hear the story.

Marie Martini says:

U.S. military is powerful BUT we need to watch out for sucker punches

Gabriel Gonzalez says:

The death of the USA empire is coming and can't fucken wait

My 2Centz says:

A couple of nations wont stand against ours but many can if they coordinate.

Willie Thomas says:

Let Trump and Pence be on the Front Line.

Aimee Curry says:


darrin ditcharo says:

We should cut off all rice and grains to China. Hard to fight a war with no rice !!!!


U.S is a strong old Dog that's starting to lose its new youngsters (China/Russia/Brazil/India/Africa) encroach on its turf…."Economically"

Ramon Yanez says:

Supply, logistics, rapid deployment, we got them don't worry.

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