RSBN Nightly News Recap with Alyssa & Micah

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Join RSBN’s Alyssa Ashe and Micah Messer for a Nightly News Recap covering all of today’s pressing stories.

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dancingwithczars says:

I bet Alyssa can do some interesting things with veggies.

zelda torna says:

Alyssa and Micah make a terrific news duo.

zelda torna says:

Government schools ( K4 – 12) are indoctrination centers. They dumb – down the kids. As adults, they have no moorings, no understanding of history, no Bible, no patriotism…., but, plenty of drugs.

acorn sucks says:

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

John Nasr says:

The only people's minds the Democrats appeal to are the mindless. They appeal only to emotion, regardless of how many times they say something else. It is a clear sign of low I.Q. and low self esteem, when someone is always claiming how smart they are. They are too stupid to be conservative.

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