They Just Can’t Stop

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Tuna will be fish but will cnn be news?

United Plankton says:

i wonder if any liberals remember the treatment Bush got in office, and if they puke when they here this fake crap from their media..

gunube says:

It sort of tells everything you wanted to know about HW. The anti-American leftists loved him and his "legacy".

James dudebud says:

rudolph the reindeer has a red nose probably because he's a raging alcoholic

Shaka Dindu says:

Finally somebody called out that shekel collecting kike Ben Shapiro. The only reason why he inserts himself into the political arena as because there is money to be made. This is the same strategy used by Mark Levin Michael Savage & that money-grubbing kike Dennis Prager. Recently Dennis Prager and Prager University released a video that try to separate leftist from Democrats. Anyone who knows the crafty mind games that the Jews play can easily see that wood Prager was trying to do separate Jews from leftist. This is because the majority of Jews are Democrats and leftist. You have to watch the Jews the OWN the left-wing media that is attacking Trump on a daily basis. The only reason why Trump cooperates with the discount cat wearing sons of bitches is because of how much power money and lobby they have.

Fuzzy Peaches says:

Before Trump is through he will data dump all of Hillary and obombas nasty secrets

Zack Reynolds says:

These nut jobs hate Republicans,until they die…then they go out of their way to virtue signal to show support towards them…..especially if it means using them to slander current opponents. They’re almost all in it together,except for a few and seemingly Trump-which is exactly why they hate him so damn much. The good ol’ Globalist/Illuminati….Truly,a den of vipers.

Fuzzy Peaches says:

The take away is simply that they are elitist snobs

Michael Conners says:

Mark –
Thanks for watching liberal tv shows so that I don’t have to.

decodynamo says:

Trump is an iron-clad balls triumph over the demonic cucks surrounding him. A lion among hyenas.

Ron Fili says:

MARK HOW THE EFF DO YOU DO IT BROTHER????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? I can barely watch the 5-10 minute videos you put together, because of the idiot liberals! Only reason I watch is because of your facial reaction to the liberal disease! HotDamn!

Pils Nrimgaard says:

These fucking losers just cant shut the fuck up!. They hated all the bushes till President Trump came along. hypocrisy on full display here folks!.

Big sexy says:

Hope Clinton and obama enjoy what freedom they have ! Because there asses are going to prison real soon !

blindjustice316 says:

A man passes away and yet they still want to keep bashing trump smh

United Strafes says:

"Fear the next 2 years" like they said 2 years ago? Wasn't trump supposed to have ruined democracy and started a nuclear war by now?

Frost Roxie says:

CNN was right for once…. Huge difference Both Bush’s are/were Globalist…. 45 The Greatest President in 150 years… and maybe ever!

anna etters says:

WHO listens to these morons? Really, WHO? i don't, but then I don't watch TV. I have news for them all. There will be another 6 years. They're pathetic. Was that the real HillDog? Looked a bit young to me.

Lt Krytzer says:

Bush family evil….

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