Rabid Anti-Trump Actor Just Charged With MAJOR Crime – Trump Gets The Last Laugh!

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RWN Official reports, We see this so often, time after time the celebs attacking trump always come crashing down. It shows you their true character and if they were not “celebrities” most likely they would be another low life.

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The Next News Network says:

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Kooler M says:

Boy George Lopes is an ASSRAG!*!

CREvothegreater says:

wtf is he?….

PJ Summers says:

His TDS was triggered.

PenelopeDinkledong S says:

It's a misdemeanor, not a major crime, but whatever…

Brad Polmateer says:

Lefties ruined comedy

david palmer says:

Just another putrid piece of Hollywood scum.

Steve Emery says:

WELL it did look like to me that little guy was acting like COLORED FOLKS and WIGGERS when they get pulled over by a white cop

The Dollar Guy says:

God, from his looks, he is blowing out that new kidney with stage 7 diabetes compounded by his Trump Derangement Syndrome. That’s not a beer belly by the way, that is his liver.

Michelle My Belle says:

A misdemeanor is not a major crime. I hope that guy sues the s*** out of him

Eyota Chenoa says:

Anyone drawing attention to themselves about our pres & boom!

Roger Ratliff says:

LMAO.. that is very sad when you got to put something up like this to get noticed…..PITIFUL!!!!!

Jane Doe says:

Don't have any control of yourself, huh Senior? A lousy comedian with an even nastier attitude. Bye bye boy George. Hope you slip on a banana peel.

naplesbeachfan says:

I stopped liking George Lopez when he labeled all Mexican women as scum, whores, and criminals, in the "George Lopez show". Mexican women were all demeaned, as were all Mexican men. So all Mexicans were insulted by George Lopez and his producer, Sandra Bullock. Then he divorced Ana the wife who gave him a kidney. George is a disgusting hater of his own people, the Mexicans.

Rock Reed says:

George should be sued $$$$$$

Rock Reed says:

Deport him .

Tim Brand says:

Lopez a comedian haha now that is funny

Hippi Phuken says:

i got a pain in my shest and i cant breve. lmfao hahaha

Hippi Phuken says:

I remembered teaching my daughters back in kindergarden that "you can't just go around hitting people because you don't like what they say to you", obviously demonRats have never learned this lesson.

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