BREAKING: All Hell BREAKS Loose Seconds After Pelosi Walks Into Oval Office To Meet President Trump

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump met with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the White House. Pelosi was asked to speak after Trump gave an opening statement on the wall.

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The Next News Network says:

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Daniel Simpson says:

I wish trump would come to Britain and run it..

washburnbilly says:

We Americans want a wall! And a big one, not just a barbed wire fence…. MAGA!

King And Lord says:

It's like watching Trump play chess while Pelosi shows up with a rubber chicken? Waving it around and clucking loudly. Thank you for the good laugh Nancy. They wouldn't be there if they weren't scared of a shutdown. They're shaking in their Democrat cloven hooves.

Doug Trieber says:

Dirty dems don't want to expose that they are corrupt liars and don't care about the American people, only illegal immigrants who will vote dem if they're given free stuff and sanctuary. Plus fertile ground for the criminal element.( which will be substantial w/o a wall)

Night Train says:

What a piece of shit Schumer is they want to count every vote but he makes fun of North and South Dakota.
And Chuck Schumer thinks New York is more important than the people in the middle of the country. This is why the founding fathers created the electoral college because they knew there would be a piece of shit like Chuck Schumer

King And Lord says:

Trump taking them to school and she didn't like it. She's not going to get the Pelosi crazy lunatic way. Pelosi sees the border wall as a threat to her femininity? She's goofy.

Night Train says:

Fuck Schumer needs a tunnel in New York. Tell Cuomo to tell fuck Schumer to give trump the wall and Trump will give him the tunnel easy Peezy

Morten Rasmussen says:

They seem like they are low iq individuals? Like they cant grasp what he is saying app.

macker33 says:

Would have been great if pence and schumer started a digging match while trump was shutting down pelosi.

Patricia Bonitz says:

Pelosi and Schumer show no common sense when it comes to building the Wall. They can not give a ligament excuse why the wall should not be funded. We have a huge problem going on at the border and yet Democrats in Congress refuse to secure our borders. It's evil on their part because they care nothing for the crisis with the people who were led to believe it would be easy for them to cross our border. Now there is mass suffering going on in Mexico. When will Democrats learn they will not win when it comes to border security. President Trump is our Commander and Chief who has the right to protect the American people. Americans put pressure on the Democrats to force them to give the votes needed to secure our border.

JW Wiles says:

Nancy needs to understand the majority has spoken already by electing Donald Trump to build the wall. Thats what we the majority want and she doesn’t get it it by speaking for us after the fact. How ignorant the democrat elites look every time they are exposed. That’s why they are called libtards.

lovepres TRUMP says:

Their idea of border security it's just let them come in

lovepres TRUMP says:

We're going to have border security my ass Nancy it's so blatantly clear why these criminals want the Border open


Build a small weak dam to keep you save from water as well. Wait build a big boat to protect all from water. Boat is the patrol so why need a good dam. You have nice boats.

lovepres TRUMP says:

These criminals in our government needs to be executed

lovepres TRUMP says:

These criminals have to open up the Border in order for them to get reelected

robert white says:

How many people have to die of drug overdoses ? I have 5 good friends gone cause they were pushed into trying heroin from illegals. I’m in New York and New York sucks.

lovepres TRUMP says:

Please mr. Trump if the criminals are going to shut down the government. as sad as it is, seeing that the country is making more money than it ever has in many many many decades. they just don't care please don't give in to the criminals let them shut the government down

Edwin Stevenson says:

train wreck

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