The Final opens with a spectacular group dance! – BBC Strictly 2018

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Our final four couples and the Strictly pros open the show.

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Strictly Come Dancing | Series 16 The Final | BBC

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Summer Brookes says:

I cant believe that Stacey won

Poppy Gillies x says:

The best friggin dance of the series x

Gareth Hughes says:

This year's BBC Strictly Come Dancing Season has just been brilliant. The final was amazing, for me Stacey or Joe were the winners… so I was pleased with the result. A special nod to Dave Arch, the Singers, the Band and the production crew. The show really is a feel-good end to the year!

Take a look at the opening VT (the production values in this were so good) and the opening number from the Strictly Pros from the final… SO GOOD. Goes down as one of my favourite all time Strictly Pro routines. LOVED the 4 suspended rotating platforms for the finalists too. Honestly, was massively impressed with this segment of the show.

Anna Mary says:

This opening was so frickin cool, I loved it!!

Roo90 says:

Oti is out of this world amazing

0livia12321 says:

Joanne ❤❤

Olivia jane says:

I can feel the online community sobbing right now, including me…
Joe should have won ❤️

Caoimhe Cosgrave says:

I Don't Think They Should've Won, The Other Three Were Way Better!

Aoife Campbell says:

Good job Stacey have great respect tonight

Carleyanne Harvey says:

Having someone like joe on brings a whole new audience to strictly. This has been the best season yet!!!

Brooklyn says:

I was actually really upset that Joe and Dianne didnt win, they had the most creativity in their dances and dance is not only about technique, but expression and telling a story. I was really upset at Craig giving them significantly lower scores than the other judges because it seemed to be unfair. Everyone talks about how this show is rigged and i didnt want to believe it but i must admit, there are some red flags. Especially since some of the girls in the finals had prior dance experience. But either way it was a great show.

miseltoe1 says:

Is this the same show as "dancing with the stars"?

Hannah Mulhern says:

So proud of Joe and Dianne 🙁

Mery F says:


Emma Higgans says:

I love the pros even if they dont get partners. They are all extremely talented and the ones that don't get partners are just as important in telling the stories behind the dances. Dianne will always be my favourite tho

Annabel King says:

Joe you were magnificent, you were the last man standing, you did wonders for the online community and you should be so proud! ❤️

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