Sargon Banned From Patreon

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In this video I talk about the banning of Sargon of Akkad. I explain why it is baseless & hypocritical to ban him based on the standards laid out by the CEO of Patreon
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C GB says:

It’s a good thing we have capitalism which gives us multiple platforms in competition. Which is just another reason the far left wants socialism…. control. Gross.

Dylan Fiore says:

I trust that Allsup is innocent, because he really talks rational, and calls out violence, I saw the people steal the trump poster from that disabled person and allsup reacted by calling out violence, and he does not instigate violence, he tries to talk humanely, I'm suprised people take this serious, calling him a violent alt-right attacker!

David Leverington says:

Yup, time to stop my business with Patreon and switch to Subscribestar.

andell1 says:

"Manifest Observable Behavior" = a meaningless bullshit word salad meant to obfuscate the actions taken by Patreon.

How anyone can feel comfortable remaining on Patreon is a mystery to me, but given how the crybullies attacking the speech rights and income of those they disagree with have been able to rely on their victims to not target them with similar tactics, I guess we shouldn't be surprised!!!

14zer0zer0 says:

The camera sees you expressing a banned opinion and that's an action that I'm going to correlate to harm so… you're screwed!

LordThree says:

Cashing in on Sargon…

sp00ky man says:

Good channel. Keep the content comin

theubergamer67 says:

When you openly commit economic terrorism and the victims are attacked

Dino Goldie says:

"I have no association with these people" – except you share platforms with them and espouse the same AltRight bullshit. But apart from that, you're totally objective and totes not at all spreading misinformation out of self-interest. Not at all. Carl Benjamin does not have any argument against getting the boot from Patreon. patreon is not a human right. It's a private company offering a payment service subject to clearly stated (and freely entered into) terms of service agreements. Carl Benjamin repeatedly broke the TOSA and was indeed warned of such before. He's been riding his luck with such web services for years. This is basic contractual stuff. This is not a "free speech" issue. Access to Patreon is not a human right. Being expelled from patreon does not impinge anybody's freedom of speech. Carl Benjamin's freedom of speech remains fully in tact – it's just he can no longer exploit a specific corporation to monetise his bigotry. As a UK citizen accessing Patreon from the UK, Carl Benjamin does not enjoy any constitutional protection in the name of "freedom of speech." In marked contrast, Patreon do have a constitutional right to protect their freedom of speech (which includes freedom of association). If I were Patreon (or any other private company that Carl Benjamin has sullied) it would be in my interest to distance myself from a White supremacist enabling, paedophilia-apologist, MP-rapethreating cretin bringing my business into disrepute.  Carl Benjamin is not the victim. None of you attention-seeking far-right contrarian dickheads are in any way victims. The freemarketplace of ideas has spoken and it has told you, loud and clear, that it doesn't want your custom. Suck it up snowflakes. No likey? There's nothing stopping you from starting up your own online payment   and broadcasting platforms.  Stop expecting handouts and government intervention to remedy failings in your own personal responsibility. To quote a (not-so) great man, "Why can't you behave like White people?"

Rob Kino says:

Sargon laughed when other people were deplatformed.
It's called Divine Justice. He reaped what he sowed. Couldn't happen to a nicer hypocrite!

K&M says:

Call me crazy or even possibly fucking stupid but patrons job is to be a go-between 4 a person who wants money and a person who wants to give that person money.

Considering that is what patron job is I think they should keep their political views out of everything and just stick to what they're supposed to do.

Cam Alft says:

why is it that bald dick sounds like he is covering up for someone!??!he sounds just like that rily dishrag,same excuses and sounds like the same way to cover up some"REASONS,OKAY"…
all these types of people look for any reason,i mean any,even made up horseshit that they love to spread…all this sounds like someone just doesnt like the way they look and the people they are around!period!

its all a matter of who is sucked into the progressive ass and who thinks they are better…the liberals/left or the democrats seem to have brown stained lips and nose tips,and if your the left you will do as your master tells you,right dennis j rily,half wit,he never makes sense and is firmly attached to the progressives ass….and they look for any little excuse and it usually retarded,but they go that route,so patreon's excuse may change later if something else comes up!it always does!

SusanBailey AmazingEstate says:

The only way conservatives will be justly treated is when they take control of their own destiny. Conservative creators must use the competitors of the entities that would censor them. They must coordinate and do it en masse.

Competition is the American way! So outlets like or this payment processing site created by the Russian guy (sorry , I’m not a creator, so I don’t know the options). If you wait until these alternatives are perfect, it will be too late. Leave YouTube. Leave Patreon. Leave PayPal. Do it as a group. Announce your intentions and that you’re working together to fight censorship.

Do you fear that your audience won’t follow you? You’re wrong and you’re a chicken shit. Do it.

Erocktyle says:

Just subbed. Your videos have been in my recommended more and more lately, so I was surprised to see that you were only at 19,000. Well I like your content, you just might be my favorite liberal content creator. I bet in the next few months your numbers will skyrocket.

Mr Bubble says:

‘What evidence could I use to explain my own intent?’

You know, I’d agree with that impossibility if Sargon had not previously made a video explaining his exact intent with the phrase ‘I wouldn’t even rape you’.

Dankest Ranch says:

Oh no the white man is under attack again

vladviking says:

I wonder if the Patreon cut/% on high income members is being worked over and they are being cut out for new members and a more favorable ratio for Cunti?

Lee Roberts says:

Proud boys: FBI says are NOT a domestic terrorist organisation –

Anifa: Department of Homeland Security says ARE a domestic terrorist organisation –

Patreon: It's fine to be associated with Antifa (domestic terrorist organisation), not so fine to be associated with a Mens club (Proud Boys)…. Seems legit.

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