Russell Brand Opens Up About Self Harm

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Today’s video is in conjunction with The Mix an organisation who provide essential support for young people.
Go to the if you are in need of help or wish to know more about this issue.

More info on self harm here:

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Rebecca Edward's says:

I used to self harm.. I agree finding other ways to express those feelings is a huge help xxx

hatim ali says:

Yes I love and support you.

manillascissor says:

Thanks Russell

Galactic Slap says:

Stoked to be in your community. We all benefit from your brilliance and authenticity. Love you, Russell!

Winter Clevenger says:

Russell you are a gem and a beautiful lightworker. Bless you for sharing your truth and using your celebrity for the good of mankind.

Randomzz 963 says:


Randomzz 963 says:

That beard is awesome
Reminds me of the old Moses movie
Ten commandments

Cathi Evanoff says:

I just love you….What you are doing is beautiful. You are beautiful. You are helping us all realize our beauty. Thank you. Love Cathi

Kari Faller says:

thank you for your refreshing transparency

Choco Later says:

Nice beard Russel.

A. X says:

FUCKING AWESOME. I only wish you @Russel Brand, knew anything at all about Venezuela! It's one of the greatest examples of democracy on the planet, however, because the country floats on oil, the US (via CIA, NSA, and the euphemistically dubbed: 'National Endowment for Democracy')have destabilized the country. Russell: Read: The Open Veins of Latin America, By Eduardo Galeano. Read about Salvador Allende and the 'other 9/11' , 1973, b/c whenever a people decides to leverage it's own resources for its own benefit, and not the US's, the US smothers it and calls it 'socialism, communism' etc, and sends in the School of the Americas, now called 'Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation' LOL. * RUSSELL – you're a prince, And I love you, and thanks for your pure hearted and effective efforts! Maybe knowing too much will make you a REAL threat and you'll end up crucified, so maybe stay where you are! XOXO LOVE AND BLISS . OooF! wrong video! this was meant for Candace Vid!

Tree-trunks Traylor says:

Past heroin and crack addict here from years ago, and have been a fan of yours since big brother years, because you spoke up for people like me and others like you, like people myself, and was not afraid to be yourself, and be honest about your past troubles and speak the truth.

I have watched your career flourish. Yet you’ve still been sticking up for the people like me because you have been there yourself no matter how big it became, that’s really a rare thing. Years later and even after you were a holywood star, you’re still talking about the same things that matter. And you are a voice for us who don’t have a voice.

Thank you

Karen Dudelheim says:

This is Maw they call me for I care for those abandoned unloved on the streets in Eugene Oregon oh what the sun I'm old and trying to make the next day 5415309897 I have nothing to hide but you have been fun crying hate it a light in my heart but I doubt you'll read this much luck my fear may the light always protect and shine on you but I'm real I'm Karen 61 but hanging in for my….

Karen Dudelheim says:

Where are you I'm old lonely daughter clean coming home for first time in 10 years long story her pain but I tried I'm here I'm 61 lonely really suck but who cares I have MS Second stages CIOD but no one I listen to there words listen but maybe I'm the old elephant heading for the graveyard Dr health being burned from sister disrespecting my father's will but I'm here and trying to be here but I guess your not but Russel you still sit and talk to me in NY dreams but it's hard

Prime Ushaa says:

Very grateful for you, sir.

SuZiQue says:

Please start talking to us daily. I miss True News!! I miss you my bubbly!

nicholas70paul says:

I re read the Book Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse recently although I had read it years before in a more idealistic approach, but the question, and reality of suffering is not a joke, at all, as was the reason it was written x

nicholas70paul says:

Nice and genuine, Russel, respect x

Xazal Ozcan says:

can you maybe talk about Alan Watts's Dream of Life?

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