Arizona Governor OFFICIALLY Names Replacement For McCain’s Former Seat – Synema Not Happy

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey appointed Rep. Martha McSally to replace Senator McCain’s seat on Tuesday.

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Rudy Black says:

Xmas came early this year

Dale Peterson says:

Gotta love the triggered libtard in the photo, you can actually see her world crashing down… OMG my world is crashing down all around me, what will I ever do…? I will sit and scream my little libtard head off, to show how unfair it is,that Donald Trump is president… OH you cruel world, why? Liberals?

Gabe King says:

McSally lost because of OBVIOUS VOTE FRAUD which is pretty much becoming the new Democrat standard…..
"Oh, look ! We magically found more votes ! ! ! "
Now the slimy cheating Liberals can suck on it.

Mario Muccino says:


Malone Mantooth says:

I Live in Phoenix, McSally said this was part of the plan. Crazy how it actually happened even after the goddamn Dems stole it, I swear…. McSally was ahead by 16,000 votes next day she was behind. I've been drinking chromium 6 for years!! Ain't nothing wrong with it…..I mean everyone has 13 toes right?

David Hickey says:

Who gets CHARGED?? with voter Fraud??!!

David Lynch says:

Who is that crying woman?

B Strakos says:

Using flake tactics against them

Gimme Liberty says:

IDK…..AZ may be the only state with two female US senators. Good that McSally got that Senate seat. GOP Senate majority will be even stronger come January. MAGA

JohnnyUtah says:

A thousand thumbs up.

Bingo77 says:

Great break. Usually only Democrats get them.

Yolanda Quartilho says:

MARTHA MCSALLY will do an excellent job . She is smart and we'll prepared congratulations we anericans need her go go MCSALLY.

Tony truth says:

this is why deep state can do what they do is because of ignorant people like this. ignorance and stupidity . what is the solution when you have got these ignorant people around you?

American Girl says:

Synema is rumored to have signed a pact to overthrow the constitution. Source: Dave Hodges Common Sense Show.

Anna Krause says:

This is exactly what was predicted when the election was challenged. Nothing new here…

Lincoln 1901 says:

AZ will turn blue because of people like McSally and Duce.

Georgia Russo says:

Sounds like good news!

Francisco F. Pincho says:

McCain who?? her seat was stolen by the dirty DemonRats

Lincoln 1901 says:

Bad pick. She is a dipshit when it comes to politics. She may have a good military record but sucks at politics. Guaranteed, she will lose in2020. Big mistake ! Sorry Gary, I don't agree with you on this one. If a Republican, any Republican, can't beat Kristen Sinema, then that Republican is retarded and should be kicked out of the party ! In two years from today at this time(12/22/2020) a Democrat will be getting ready for inauguration for the AZ Senate seat.

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