Is The US Dollar On The Verge Of A Major Currency Crises?

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According to the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, the US dollar could soon fall as much as 30% which could leave it looking like the Turkish Lira. The chairman of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio has warned that the US economy is on the verge of a major currency crisis due to the unaffordable buildup of debt.

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sandra valani says:

Thanks for sharinG another vital video DaHboo!!!  Since our Cavemen ancestors did not eat paper money nor Gold for supper……….I am just gonna keep on beinG a joyful gardner who advises others not to worship money…..but to remember that we all need the sunshine, water, etc to grow food that nourishes our bodies!!!  Happi Holidays lil bro and to all my fellow Patriots around de Entire WOrld who are standinG up for LIFE today!!!!!

Yellow Orb says:

In reality USA has bought and owns the biggest reserve of GOLD in the world . That doesn’t mean they would mind the collapse of the dollar. They will then buy the largest amount of SDK.

Rica Bogdany says:

The way I see it, it's The Fed's Debt, and Trump has the ability to fix this.. if he doesn't, we'll really know what he's about.

turbo nerd says:

stock up on that can food

Mark M says:

Money = 1001011001 on a computer screen, the rulers of this world don't do anything for money because they are the ones that print the freaking money money has no value except what man gives it in his own mind. I'll put my quote-unquote money on a false flag Cyber attack

ken seymour says:

333 is the time of the video

GitcheG75 says:

Hmmm…we sold the land from right underneath our feet, eh! If we can't pay, we will be working in their sweatshops, to make up the difference.

First Last says:

Japan holds more debt than China.

First Last says:

Probably not.

Baron Fritz von shlitz says:

When they see us getting ahead a little ((They)) ALWAYS come up with a plan to steal it like inflation.

wrightterence680 says:

It is getting crazy out in the financial world!!!

Donna Valentino says:

Merry Christmas DAHBOO.

The Diplomasta says:

Shut it all down, Trump! Bring this system to the ground, and then burn it to ashes!

Rell Meeks says:

Fun times ahead

C Lowe says:

California has sold off tons of land, corporations and more directly to China. Jerry Brown-nose has been back and forth to China for meetings with President Xi.

they live says:

Petro $ they still have to by oil with U S $

spirit horse says:

The real crisis is the paper ever having existed with the third eye on it

Scott Roehl says:

You are on point friend..keep up the greatness!

Akil Bonner says:

China's bank is not controlled by Zionists

Layland Syrus says:

Buy gold and silver? Who knows

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