LIVE: RSBN Crew Trump Post Trump Rally Stream LIVE From Indianapolis 11-2-18

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Friday, November 2, 2018: Join RSBN’s Bailee Byers and Max Kleiber live from Indianapolis for a live stream after tonight’s President Trump rally.

RSBN Crew Trump Post Trump Rally Stream LIVE From Indianapolis 11-2-18

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Cc T says:

important important why do you have to worry about copyright strikes CNN NBC and rest can play the music total at Trump rally. do they have some paperwork filed with YouTube

zelda torna says:

Crazy things happened when I tried to view the ( recorded LIVE ) Rally in Indianapolis. Is it a " Tube You " tactic, telling me it is not secure and cutting it off ? Thank you for these Post – Rally Chats & Summaries, RSBN. I'm afraid to try to see the LIVE Rally (recorded), so I'm learning from you what I missed.

Jason La Shard says:

VOTE REPUBLICAN!!! United we stand, stronger then ever. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

Stromshadows says:

Great Job Last night! Thank you for your hard work!

Just MeMe says:

Mike Pence was the governor in this state, which is widely known as a child-trafficking hub. Why did nothing change while he was governor? Because he's deep state.
Mike Pence will join Trump's impeachment proceedings–and guess who is automatically Pence's new VP? Paul Ryan. Welcome to my critical thinking nightmare.

Dariusz Szumczyk says:

Please spread the news: In New York, vote like this: REPUBLICANS for SENATE and CONGRESS but LARRY SHARPE for GOVERNOR; That will mean complete take down of establishment in our almost communist state!!! Let’s kick Rothchilds ass out

mike miller says:

If Dems win , better teach your kids Spanish..

Tony Johnston says:

Well done Guys! 28K were watching the broadcast. Far more than Fox News!

John Berry says:

I feel like an American again!!

Snakesborough says:

Best wishes from the Netherlands, may Trump candidates win! (Though very strange that in the USA red is the colour of the conservatives and blue of the looney left, in Europe it's the other way around 😉

JM Stiffler says:

I watched earlier on a stream on a different ytube channel. Ty vm for all your hard work and allowing everyone this fantastic opportunity. Much patriot warrior love to you all there. God bless you, POTUS, all the viewers and everyone behind the scenes. WWG1WGA!

zelda torna says:

Vote RED in November so we can say "Merrier Christmas" in December. Thank you, RSBN for your excellent, tireless work.

Diều Hâu says:

Asian Americans, I love you guys doing a great job for covering the event lives stream, I love President Trump he's bring prosperity for the country, I wished one day to shake his hand to be complete American citizen, the liberal leaders ships has clueless how run the businesses and how to deals with the International, not only American people love him 80% vietnamese people love Trump as well to reveal china corruption and communism, God bless you and God bless America!

Cool Patience says:

– T – R – U – M – P – – W – A – V – E –

B. H. says:

Right side is better than any major network!! The rest are fake news!

lemoncrinckles says:

You guys did a GREAT job! Max, your camera skills are amazing. Nice scanning and focusing. And Bailee your reporting was excellent. You were so well informed and your narration was extremely interesting. If you were nervous, it did not show.

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