Arrests made in London Gatwick Airport drone incidents

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Two people were arrested in connection with drone intrusions at London’s Gatwick Airport. Britain’s second-biggest airport said it hopes to run a full schedule of flights after a lengthy shutdown earlier in the week.
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Man like sha1 says:

Who came from Ally laws vid ??

tribefenatic says:

You people invented this rubbish and gave it out to kids as presents, what did you expect them to do? Hang a drone on a tree as decoration?

David Wilson says:

Lies lies and lies..

James Purdie says:

Can we just see one photo of the alleged drones? In this day and age of cameras, phones, technology, we can support our stories without even a single shred of evidence??

Parvaiz Ahmed says:

36 hours in custody then released without charge. I would sue for false arrest!

ross mcfadyen says:

obama sanctions drone strikes in other countries and used them to spy on americans no one bats an eye , guy allegedly flys a drone near an airport and the world losses its mind , go figure

TheDroidBay says:

As an update for anyone who has not seen it, the man and woman have both been released and *are no longer considered suspects in this case*. The police did not release their names, it was just dirt digging by the British tabloids. Hopefully they will now be left in peace.

Alan Porter says:

it was probley there own military personal operating the drones.on there you go .how to take out enemy airforce raids .send in the battery operated flock of seagulls to take down the squadrons or just through some chips in the air on take off .

Alan Porter says:

taking a phycological guess.this was a preplanned military training operation. or something very much along those lines.maybe a tactical way of getting the government to pay for upgraded technical drone surveillance systems to be installed throughout airports ect.

David Duchesne says:

Who cares. CBC you should report truthful news about Canada. Report on Trudeau and his lying ways . Tell the Canadians how much of a traitor he is.

can tho says:

Nothing but LIES and cover up….. Hell they have 2 days to think of one!! They lock down the airport to prevent someone from leaving and made up a story about drones!!

Somali Kanye says:

Good they caused alot of unnecessary strife

Richard Goode says:

A point to prevent or a issue to relate in technology as in defence as to a with a new technology to a response by goverment.

Parvaiz Ahmed says:

Just read on BBC news; the couple have been released without charge!
I hope the authorities do find the real culprits in this matter.
The arrest of the innocent couple should be added to the overall turmoil caused and should also be reflected in the punishment they eventually receive!

Outlaw Hunter X says:

Yea right..

Jinzhou Wu says:

Best way to ruin other people's hobby.

Ian Mangham says:

Hilarious clusterfuck, released without charge

vitriol or debate says:

Sentence should be 1 to 1 for everyone's wasted time.

methylene5 says:

Released without charge and are no longer suspects in this case.

Post Post says:

This is obviously FFO terror against Brexit. Let Brexit happen. And further we need peopleapproved electionlaws all over det world. Merry Christmas from neighbor Norway.

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