GATEWAY- NASA Plans On Returning to The Moon With Lunar Space Station

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NASA is buzzing with excitement these days about its ambitious new mission to return to the moon — this time to stay.

The agency set an aggressive timetable to have the Gateway space station orbiting the moon by 2024, then begin ferrying astronauts from the station to the lunar surface sometime after 2026.

And that is just the beginning.

Gateway also will serve as an outpost for deep space science and exploration, including a manned mission to Mars in the 2030s, according to NASA.

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Crusaders hu Akbar says:

the men IN the moooon

Truth Seeker says:

We never went, nasa has already admitted this, so this will be a first

Paul Campbell says:

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This And That Facts says:

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Pure Gold says:

First we need a Wall. Help fund , google the Wall GoFundMe.

Dan Worth says:

NASA Plans On Returning to The Moon With better than ever CGI.

Serpentaria says:

Tell a big enough lie long enough, sooner or later people believe it – Hitler

Joey Rizzo says:

D7 whats up n hello from LA to you sir

Holly Adams says:

If they have that much money, why don't they just fund the wall!?

My Monkey Broke says:

The question is why did we stop

Benjimen Franklin says:

I wouldn't be surprised if they are already there in secret. That's why Chinese wanted to go there.

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