The Absolute Best of Milo Yiannopoulos – REACTION

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Tapsa Vaan says:

ismo leikola laugh factory

Manoj Suthar says:

Latest one in UK (compromised)Huddersfield 's 20 grooming gangs members were called Asians despite being all from Pakistan. I mean this liberalism won't achieve anything..I mean the girls were 12-14 so Germany is next.(already happened during Christmas celebration).

Soccer Galaxy says:

So is this the main? And how do you guys upload so many? I like it

Mahershala says:


ghost Lee says:

Instead of agreeing with his so called facts why don't you research.i can't with tjis channel

ghost Lee says:

The gap is wide when it comes to women. He spews crap out his mouth

Azor Ahai says:

Omg im not even a muslim i am a hindu but when americans pronounce muslim you have to know that its pronounced as
Moo-slims just like milo says it

Nicholas Skelton says:

He’s better live

Moist Canadian says:

The comment section isnt as awful as I'd expect given the topics. Well done everybody

Michael J says:

That rotherham grooming gang thing was only the tip of the iceberg. It exposed the fact that it had been going on in many, many more towns and cities across Britain. There was one 13 year old who was caught having sex with a room full of muslim men and the investigating officers left her there and reported it as consentual.

Proud2bGreek says:

1400 hundred underage girls in Rotherham r@pεd but at least their parents and the police weren't called racist. 2 Scandinavian far left "liberal" girls touring through north Africa and the middle east are r@pεd and beheaded with knives in Morocco but at least they weren't called racists, their own mothers directing heart emojis towards Muslims and Morocco on facebook days after they learn their daughters have been brutally slaughtered, dozens of other cases of leftist European and American people murdered in Islamic countries for offending Muslims by breaking Islamic rules or simply as revenge for what westerners supposedly have done to Muslims.

But hey, at least none of them were called RACISTS! 😉

JSkillz says:

I'm a bit confused when he said the UK police were too scared to intervene in Rotherham, yet they did intervene? A group of Pakistani men went to jail. Is he saying they knew about it and decided to do nothing? I highly doubt that.

Rammiel says:

What a load of bollocks. Boardrooms are filled with men. For lower paid jobs women are equal but for higher paid jobs the divide widens.

krazy Ninja says:

Hi Justin Bieber

Bo Kazi says:

There's some other things I may not agree with him on but most of the things he's saying in that video I agree with and especially the Islam religion. I don't have problems with people that wants to be Muslims or wants to practice any religion since they have that right in the US unlike those Islamic countries where you don't have any rights to do whatever you want. My problem like what he's saying is the religion itself not the actual people and everything he said about the Islamic religion is correct because my dad came over here to the US decades ago from Bangladesh, keep in mind I even told my dad I'm gay back in 2014. Thankfully he doesn't hate me nor did he disown me or anything but my respect did grow higher for my dad. A year later after coming out I ended up leaving the religion and chose not to be tie to any religion but still believe in God as dumb that may sound. My dad ended up kinda doing the same thing leaving it but still believing in God not because he did it for me but most importantly he chose to do it himself as I didn't force him to and wouldn't be right of me to do that to him. Also for the record the way those two women talking about the paid gap how they are being rude and impolite to Milo saying "Go ahead and talk over him" that's not very feminist of them all while trying to cover up their false facts by playing the women victim card.

Awesome Creeper Explosions says:

Watch world war 2 everyday in Europe by emperortigerstar

Heights85 says:

Why dont yall prank anymore

Gaj says:

There is like a 20 year lag, culture changes and you won't see the results until the next generation. More women than ever are going into science, more than guys now… see Women everywhere now apart from Manual labour jobs which they don't want to do.

Gaj says:

The problem is women have kids and want to stay at home which is what sways the stats.

Shashank Prasad says:

The problem with mass immigration is that they won't integrated into your society they would want u to change your laws for them.

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