The Pentagon’s emerging technologies unit put out a call last week for proposals that use insect brains to control robots — because they could be used to create efficient new models for artificial intelligence, but [More]
For the 10th week in a row, Yellow Vest protesters filled the streets of Paris and other cities in France, with thousands of police standing guard. Earlier, President Emmanuel Macron launched his “national debates” on [More]
Dozens of people have been infected in a measles outbreak that is currently spreading throughout parts of the Pacific Northwest, prompting Washington Governor Jay Inslee to declare a state of emergency in all counties on [More]
Pirates don’t have to look like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. They can fly the Union Jack rather than the skull and crossbones. They can be called the Bank of England rather than [More]
A new “low-yield” US warhead is less powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima but more capable of igniting a nuclear conflict than bigger nuclear weapons, analysts believe. Dubbed W76-2, the weapon is now being [More]
It is so cold in Chicago that the railroad tracks have to be on fire to keep the trains running! Extreme low temperatures are potentially deadly for humans, and deforming for the long pieces of [More]
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A disgraced ex-Mountie assigned to the deadliest gangland shooting in B.C. history says he treated a potential witness ‘like a girlfriend.’ Details revealed after a publication ban was lifted say then Sgt. Derek Brassington had [More]