Elizabeth Warren takes big step toward 2020 presidential run

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Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren took a major step towards a widely anticipated presidential run in 2020 by forming an exploratory committee. Warren is the most prominent Democrat yet to make such a move.

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mark haas says:

Pohahontas speaks with forked tongue.

Mosa Alimo says:

Big step towards big loss.
If democrats thought they can put anyone and win, just because trump is hated by many Americans then they are dead wrong. They must present a young energetic and knowledgeable person.

jezp112 says:

She's gonna lose. she's worse than hillary

S M says:


Praveen Sharma says:

According to democrats women are important and men are disposable !!

Chris Kepley says:

Less electable than Hillary Clinton. There is no way.

Cosmic Singularity says:

0x07 — The Mockingbird MSM still doesn’t get it; most people now see these propagandists for the lies, deceit and delusion promoters they are. But, like a tragic car wreck, they can still captivate an audience! It’s fascinating to observe really…like watching lab rats perform in some cutting edge experiment.

R G says:

Vow!!!  The first female candidate that is not Clinton! The first .1% Indigenous candidate! The first female socialist candidate (Kind of female Sanders). What could possibly go wrong? If you are Republican you should welcome her and help her to win the Democratic primaries. And Bernie should run with her. As red as possible!!! Make America poor again!!!

Shayan Zafar says:

And this guarantees Trump will win again

P Des13 says:

Here's that full blooded nonsense, " Indian" .

Jim Wilson says:

Her Native assertion is a tiny faux pas compared to her dragging Wall Street towards accountability … but the 10 second Attention Span populace will only focus on what Donny tells them to.

Jim Wilson says:

There are better candidates

India Burke says:

2-4-8-16 : What part of our DNA does the "$RacistRightTrump approves of? If 4 generations ago the intermarruage of Native and European occurred, looks like 1/16 of one's great-great grandparent contributed even less than Trump complauned wasn't good enough.
Cultures are built upon grandparents lifespan contributions and unique embedding of natures will to survive

Raymond Payette says:

Let's hope Sen. Warren can rebut the oncoming filth and maliciousness.

JesusFriedChrist says:

I give her a 1 in 1024 chance to win.



If she is afraid of DNA test kits How will she deal with ISIS ?

Doc Stamp says:

To Hell With Feminism!

The simple truth is, men are superior to women in every way that doesn't require a womb.

malikadiamond says:

Having 1 percent Native makes you Native American.
Does 1 percent Europe makes you European
Does 1 percent of africa makes you African
Does 1 percent Asia makes you Asian

Or does it makes you mixed

Robert Racy says:

LOL..what kind of delusional world does she live in? Someone needs to notify her that she was politically ruined by the whole DNA fiasco….lol..she's a laughing stock.

Michael Lefebvre says:

Lol as if never ever win

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