I Have Never Been Closer To God And Meet Donald Trump’s Mentor

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Alex Jones reveals the deeply patriotic roots of Donald Trump’s political career.


World Internet News Network says:

Alex, Come on man…do your research. I have Trump on video from ABC, CBS, NBC, OPRAH AND FOX…ADMITTING HE'S A DEMOCRAT. He openly admitted that the economy has always done better under a democratic leadership. Hell I'm Republican and this freaks me out a little!! On the wall…We had the house and Senate for 2 years and nothing was accomplished. Trump has all the power, it's called executive order. He has all the authority to pass a spending bill on executive order alone to fund building the wall. This is just more BS politics, come on people, get Trump's dick out of your mouths and get in gear. Wipe the drool from your chins, wake up and be adults for God's sake. Think freely. You are all fawning over a man like he is the next Christ. This is all just BS politics over and over. If any of you think I haven't researched my topic your mistaken. Do any of you listen to the blather coming out of the mouths of these undereducated individuals calling in with all of these BS ideas that make no difference in our society and it's benefits it can make? Because there are no benefits, it's just BS blather from people who are ones who have ideas that have no facts or basis. Use your brains. Research, Jesus, it's worth the effort. You'll get real results and won't have to rely on others for your information. For fucks sake, do your due diligence and research!!. All of this is playing on the masses, these people are smart. The unfortunate part is, most of American society has been dumbed down and made to rely on a media empire controlled by our own political system for their information. These politicians openly state that most people have an attention span of 21 seconds. That doesn't bother you that this is said about all of us, this includes you, but not the one reading this if you have read down this far, your doing better than most. Don't fall into all of the BS lies in politics, these people could care less if you die while reading this. I'm not ripping on Alex. He does the best he can do. But these politicians aren't on the side of the American people. Just do your own research in any matter you have questions over, please do that. Do not rely on BS info from the media and even Alex. He has to over emphasize things to keep you glued to his website and channel, he had to get paid, he does this because he doesn't have the correct information and he had to speculate. This is called spreading information that's based from assumption and sometimes it's called lying.

Mysterious Blue Space Entity says:

can we have the owner of this channel say this is a real channel, if it alex jones not some knock off, is this alex jones, or some copy youtube channel?

Sterling Archer says:

At 5:40, wtf is that lil blur&black thing in front of Alex??

Slick Two'eleven says:

Alex 75% truth 25% disinformation

Champion of Virtue says:


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