War Room With Owen Shroyer – December 31, 2018

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War Room With Owen Shroyer


Geoff Thomson says:

Your POST 3minutes ago is Blocked in Australia !! Got notification, Comes up blocked in Country
Political police force who hates us and protects the traitors in government and the Muslim brotherhood army LOL Because it was Britain conquered Australia against international Law. Ruled, Raped, Plunder, Pillage, USA took over Australia after WW2 Pine Gap !! You have SO MUCH TO LEARN !!! BANKSTERS !!!! 19th January 2019 Yellow Vest !! LOL YouTube Censorship @ Where is the Link Youtube ??? LOL take 2


Luisillo Contepomi says:

Socialism is a mental illness

Luisillo Contepomi says:

Please configure subtitles in all your videos. Thank you

Bean Smith says:

Alex look alike

M Pardew says:

Wtf owens that is not native what bullshit

Mikael Rennerhorn says:

So glad to hear that David is now recovering from his Heart attack. He will be back soon, I had two of them and is now fitter than ever. Happy New Year to all of You Guys .

silverbird58 says:

i'm .0009756% bald eagle !

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