California’s Largest Power Company Could Face Murder Charges for Sparking Wildfires

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California’s largest utility could face murder charges or manslaughter charges if found responsible for sparking recent, deadly wildfires around the state, according to the state attorney general.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a Democrat, filed documents Friday with Northern California’s federal district court warning that the utility company Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) may face severe criminal charges if its operations or equipment are found to have sparked fatal wildfires, NBC News reported.

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twuan smith says:

Why do they have power lines if they using a different grid

Yeldarb Q says:

its a ruse. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. the phony perps will go to some imaginary prison and live happily ever after.

Rapture Angel says:

pg&e=rothschild owned!!! Bye, bye now!!!

DorothyLouiseGage says:

that's why Brown is scrambling to save PG&E … it to save his own guilty ass

Reasonstobecheerful says:

Got to blame someone, got to steer that pointing finger as far away from the actual people responsible for these heinous crimes. We have seen enough proof to unequivocally say these fires were started with weapons, high tech weapons, not faulty telephone wires, or cables…Can anyone hold their hand up and say they trust the military or governments?

Warning Signs says:

Keshe – there is free energy – why are we paying JPMorgan for energy that God gave to all?

Unknown Unknown says:

That will NOT happen.
Choose Jesus Christ

Jack Daniels says:

These fires where started by beam weapons just like NYC and Louisiana and the Deep water horizon.

Tactical CanyonSlayer says:

BRO, THEY ARE GONNA FIND A PATSY because there are SOOO MANY PEOPLE TALKING about the lasers… They HAVE TO blame someone to shut down the talk and photos and videos of D.E.W. technology. So they arrest someone, put them away and then even those who live up there will protect and stand up against the D.E.W. argument.. Think about it, it's a false flag, they WILL blame someone to shut down ANY TALK about D.E.W.

James Erby says:

The Powers that be play the average citizens of America like ignorant Sheople …

Jay says:

Now the path for the Hi speed train is available.. smh.

James Havlin says:

The trees were damaged melted cars? Yes! most cars are plastic or aluminum

Hermina György says:

Who will build this up again? Trump want profit

Carol Cossa says:

If they charge PG&E for murder, they will be MISSING the real perpetrators. Besides, that will never happen because PG&E is backed by the Rothschilds. IMPORTANT: No electrical grid equipment can withstand the onslaught of the actual powerful DEW that was used.

broandrew says:

40,000+ people are missing in the Paradise fire. 50K homes and stores are gone. Dead man tell no tales. The local news say 300+ are missing. Most did NOT get out, many burnt in their cars due to traffic escaping. Tornado fire swirls seen. Dew weapon micro wave enhanced electric fire. Shed not burned down, no electric grid in the shed. PLastic trash cans not burnt? right next to green yard trees and a a car with melted auto glass and alum. rums melted in the driveway. Clean up crews are cleaning up the evidence first. Victims in tents are are told to leave by FEMA, so they can hide the evidence and get rid of the upset people who just lost EVERYTHING hey once owned. The NEWS is silence on the largest out of control CAMP FIRE ever.

Michael Benoit says:

One possibilities is that the power lines in some areas have small high tension lines! This creates a higher current draw on home devices giving more $$$ to PGE!
We have tiny lines feeding many homes in this rural area, transfers have blown. Bigger high tension wires deliver less current under load!

Stone Tudabone says:

BFD. No one goes to the jug when a company is charged.

Susan Martin says:

How do you charge a company with murder?

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