BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Officially Gets the Gavel Back – Dems Go Wild

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Molly Prince for the Western Journal reports, Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi won the election by a sizable majority Thursday to regain her position as speaker of the House. Pelosi served as the House’s speaker from 2007 until 2011, the only woman to ever hold that position.

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Her horns are protruding!

Dazza says:

I hope she enjoys rotating on her gavel. Bitch!

Bert Getchell says:

Pelosi thinks that gavel is a dildoe , impeach pelosi 2019

Foton Icon says:

According to Pelosi:
Border wall = Immoral
Kate Steinle's murder = …Moral?
This is a nation. This is not utopia. We have laws and jurisdictions, and we have people who deserve protection. What this is not, is a slave pool for globalists. Nor is it a free buffet for illegal aliens. If you start encroaching on our land, you are very likely to get an ass full of buckshot–if you are lucky.

Frankie T says:

Stupid bitch can go play Wack-a-Mole, useless dingbag.

Nick Aiken says:

God help us

Quilla Kiore says:

I'd trust Thanos more with that gavel. Less mess to clean up once she's done

Paul David Graham says:

That over sized gavel shows her penis envy. It also shows her inferiority complex. Will somebody please arrest that traitor and send her to Gitmo?

Daniel Beard says:

Looks just like the heathen animal she is.

Lauri Pfeifer says:

The Deep State, FBI, DOJ and Democrats are rediculously heinous. "Heinous: of person or wrongful act, especially a crime, utterly odious or wicked." "Odious: extremely unpleasant; repulsive." My knew definition of The Deep State and Democrats is HEINOUS.

Jan van der Meij says:

You will fall of this chair and than you are finisch

Hylie Doobius says:

She’s Totally Insane – – at 3:43 she actually said “and we will make America more American by passing, uh…protecting our patriotic and courageous Dreamers..”

uh, Pelosi, illegal aliens – whether part of the marauding horde of Soros-funded Invaders or dumped-off anchor babies are NOT WELCOME. We the true Patriots are ready for War. We don’t want any more third-world retards infesting our country. And we made a decision: we reject UN plans for destruction of national sovereignty.

WE’RE BUILDING A BFW (a big wall)

ftra1987 says:

Send the dreamers back to their countries.

maxim jones says:

Washington has become a circus, now we have a mentally ill clown for a speaker….get your popcorn ready and enjoy the comedy show.

Dale Winchester says:

Make America more American not what she ment what she means is to remake America so the power hungry dems take over and retain power permitly

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