World’s Largest Hedge Fund Manager Sees Dollar Losing Reserve Currency Status

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With the end of 2018 marking the 40th anniversary of China opening up & reforming (and with an increasingly loud group of market participants questioning the foundations of China’s economic miracle – and more importantly, it’s future), Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio believes now is a good time to reflect on China’s last 40 years.

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wrightterence680 says:

China is making some major moves out here!!!

graham eel says:

And Donnie's tarrifs and sanctions and his government shutdown is playing right into China's hands ! ! Don't believe his bullshit ! ! He will bankrupt this country ,just like his companies ! ! He will run up the debt and it will all collapse ! ! !

steve w says:

This is all true, however China's economy is export based. So if America stopped buying it would collapse. In another decade or so domestic consumption will render them safe from such, but in order to continue to grow, like the US did, they will have to "export" debt, AKA, reserve currency status. Sadly, long be for this happens the US will be at war with China. We will not give up out place without a fight.

little woody says:

Can’t believe number charts USA gov lie on their charts everyday . If China going be world power it’s cause the rich ppl want it that way

graham eel says:

You are right and that's why Donnie wants to try and destroy china and Russia economically and keep them poor ,so they don't overtake America ! ! But it will happen and he can't stop it ! ! !

Tatoke kokipa says:

It does not matter… after they destroyed Europe and the will of the white female/male… they are comming for the chinese… just like britain once did to India(British genocide) and Europeans to Native Americans because they are keeping us busy and this need to happen to destroy the evidence…

Root Fukushima says:

yellow shall rule the world

illiterate ink says:

He's balding

Hodge Podge says:

Who owns the Grids and all Solar Farms in America well most of it CHINA.

Nyle Adamson says:

What is urbanization?

Jayne Smith says:

At least China is not dropping bombs in other country or poisoning their own people, capping birth rate was the best thing they did to saved to their country.

dennyadkins21 says:

All you people worry about money. You need to live for today because that's all you got

Just Me says:

This is why they got rid of the girl babies, they don't have to worry about having sex and therefore, they're going to take over the world..

Leigh Jenkins says:

XRP is being set up as the new world reserve.

roostershooter76 says:

People are still starving in China. Take that percentage by the rise in population.

Bad Taste says:

This was spoken about on British television…… about 25 years ago. We all know it’s coming deep down. China now owns the world.
New Chinese city being built in South Africa, this is the principality that will mean no taxes paid to African.

dave Kamala's says:

Yep I see a big war coming soon Petro dollar can't fall

Naturenerd1000 says:

When ever the US or Europe helps Africa they get squashed out by muslims since most of the people helping are Christian. When the UN sends food aid to Africa local farmers can't compete with free food causing long term famine. But China is unique possition since they are largely non religious which means they can help invest in Africa business, farms and help move their econemy forward without being stomped out. That's why China has helped Africa move forward in the last few decades alot more than the West ever has. The West needs to foucus on Africa's Econemy more to compete with China and improove Africa over all in the long term.

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