BREAKING: Viewers FREAK After Pelosi & Schumer Show Up On Camera With BIZARRE Looks in Dem Response

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump held a national address the perils of open borders and illegal immigration on Tuesday. Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi delivered the response. Big mistake. Hide the children! What a creep show!

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Douglas Robert says:

look out – Chuck's either using hypnosis – or – he's casting the evil eye –

Grandpow says:

Schumers kuru is showing

William Sizemore says:

Listen to them. Fuck'n moronic biased lying creeps. Ewwwwww. I wanna beat the piss outta that fuckhead Schumer. S.O.B.

Leonardo Castagna says:

There is never been a wall and nothing happend, there was no wall when America was "great"

Jennifer Kreegar says:

Does anyone remember how and when the President said he would get Mexico to pay for the wall. They can’t pay for something that doesn’t exist yet.

Norma Paulino says:


TxAmerican says:

They look like the gate keepers of Hell.

ProtectrLifenLiberty says:

What essential services do those over paid gov.workers do with our tax dollars. At 10,000 a year for 800,000 employees that's 8 billion and salaries are like 100,000 a year or 80 billion for what if it wasn't for the lame stream media saying gov shut down I wouldn't know there was one that tells me they perform no essential services for me or anyone I know.

Eire says:


Frank Mcnab says:

These two honestly believe their own bs
Do they think the American people are that dumb

Moonpetals Kast says:

Get rid of them traitors. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the ones with the temper tantrums they're holding out like spoiled brat children demanding that they dictate to the American people what they're going to do and not what the American people ask for. They're blaming our President Trump for something that they're doing they agreed with Obama that we needed a wall now that it's our president they deny him the wall that they were going to give Obama.

Sam Vimes says:

Lizard People

tedtheturbot says:

If these two knocked on my front door I wouldn't let them in, wouldn't even buy a mop of them..right couple of shadey characters..the dynamic duo 'ratman and dobin' – get the fk out of here, take your dodgy deals with you.

Meera says:

So Pathatic Nancy Palosi.

harry viking says:

pelosi is so stupid!!! lolol!

harry viking says:

they are the living dead! they are on drugs!!

JohnnyMcJim says:

Only their necks seemed to move. Like bizarre puppet people designed by Jim Henson, specifically made to look elderly and sinister.

Jappa1759 says:

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

michele hazlett says:

look like puppets terrible card reading

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