Bank Of England Boss: China’s Renminbi Will Rival The Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

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The past year was full of events that inevitably split the global geopolitical space into two camps: those who still support using US currency as a universal financial tool, and those who are turning their back on the greenback.

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THE Q says:

Wait. WHO’s already here?

steel beel says:

I need to ask. Am I alone here? It seems lately, that every time I watch or listen to a report concerning or just bringing up that horrible day, (out of the blue) I glance at the clock and what do I see? 9:11!!! WTF! Am I going bonkers?

The Man says:

Allowing Women to Vote and hold office is DESTROYING this country.

Hope Vision Ministries says:

You talked to Ron Paul about this stuff he knows what he's talking about lot of people of throwing them under the bus

Soldier Of The Cross says:

I love these long detailed videos D7 !!! Great job and keep up the good work Brother !!!

Nathan Boyer says:

rival the dollar? so it's gunna lose 98% of it's value in about a hundred years? fantastic

Bunny Princess says:

currency manipulation id genuinely (we are going back on the gold standard) how much do you know about economies i lived in russia could see china there is no way you should worry we have steve mnuchin trust the plan Praise the LORD!!!

john doe says:

That wall is going to trap the sheeple in the killzone.

Michael Earl says:

We the Free Masons are pushing "The End Goal."

Avis Swope says:


Woody from Arkansas says:

Keep up the great work brother! If just one more person wakes up, it's worth it.

Gypsy tiger Stabberson says:

The India China Russia and other countries dumping the US dollar as the Petro dollar that meeting happened seven years ago do United States was neither notified nor invited it was done that long ago guess they are just implementing it

Jimmy Butler says:

Looks like they want to take over the money that will control all economy's of the world, why should there be in one money to control the economy of the world any way, when the nations money should be what control their own money and economy?

logan says:

Sounds like we need to bust out some American yellow vests

little woody says:

Dem party prove they don’t care about the ppl in USA

John L says:

Friday night is going to be good!

Barb N says:

NEWS FLASH!: The Roman Empire never fell! They merely changed their name to the “Unholy Roman Catholic (Universal) Church.” They are pagans window dressing as “Christianity.” The Unholy (Empire) Catholic (Universal) Church is the top of satan’s pyramid.

cary whalen says:

America has been in 54 county in the last 100+ years for what reason.

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