France Moves To Ban All Protests As PM Announces Major Crackdown On Yellow Vests

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France is signaling it’s making preparations for a massive new crackdown on the gilets jaunes or “yellow vests” anti-government protests that have gripped the country for seven weeks. A new law under consideration could make any demonstration illegal to begin with if not previously approved by authorities, in an initiative already being compared to the pre-Maiden so-called “dictatorship law” in Ukraine.

In the name of reigning in the violence that has recently included torching structures along the prestigious Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, and smashing through the gates of government ministry buildings, the French government appears set to enact something close to a martial law scenario prohibiting almost any protest and curtailing freedom of speech.

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cassanoa says:

it dos not look like macron is in charge of jack shit – prohibiting protests will only make it worse or have no effect

chase folis says:

Yeah that's not going to end well. This is what they want to do to America to so no doubt it can come our way next.

Katja Kongesor says:

Wooow WTH….. What next. This is such crap

Jermaine Walker says:

Stop shitting on the masses mate

nineoclockhero says:

I wonder how long before the guillotine will be back in action.
The french populous know how to deal with bureaucrats.

Temptinfates says:

Stop, or I'll say stop again.

Terry chenault says:

When they emptied the banks, that will be the ignition point. At that point the citizens will have to be able to survive until the revolution is over and then hopefully there will be enough of them left to destroy whatever military force is left and restart their country. The Bankster‘s we’re not going to suffer. It’s SHTF time

Steve Brown says:

Will not work……….nothing can stop an idea whose time has come………..everyone should take their money out of the banks

Riley Blake says:

When one Riots. One may lose a spiritual chance at leaving this place. DO NOT RIOT

mw izzie says:

The yellow vests won't stop

Soldier Of The Cross says:

Macaroni really wants to pour gas on the fire huh ? He better sit back and meet the demands of the people. If he thinks hes gonna stop the protest by some ignorant law OR even martial law he better have his head examined while he still has one !!!

Hope Vision Ministries says:

George W bush

Mr Majestic says:

white france is rising up

John K says:

France is going to be another Syria !

rightwinggunnut1 says:

Macron could be the antichrist..good candidate

User Name says:

This must not be aloud to happen.
The people must always be in charge and have the final say, or…..freedom is lost!

dan skroko says:

Ask 1800's France what happens when the People get Fed up?

Annie: Lewis says:

Macron needs to step down now. If he doesn't there could be a really serious uprising.

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