Billionaire’s Big Announcement

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TheDaddyo365 says:

hey tom want to have a fistfight? poor little rich boy.

Kasumi Kojiro says:

How did that crook make all that money ? I want to see his tax return .

Beastmodebrony And wwe says:

I would love to see Pocahontas versus Kamala Harris make it happen it’s going to be a great shit show! lol.

Joe Likewater says:

Tomb Styair… LOLZ.. Trump is breaking the law 'everyday' by not being a greed mongering commy tyrant like Styair is.

Butterfly Blue says:

Just like everyone else here…I am not going to be running for President. I thought everyone would like to know since I am such a popular person who cares what everyone else thinks. Take Care. I love you all. Now, don't touch me!!! LMFAO

MoparRob440 says:

That's what you call a tippy topper according to that chick from NY

The open mind says:

Tackling climate change might mean difficult decisions like stopping the chemtrailing but its worth a try.
If you don't like climate change stop changing the damned climate.

Zelda12 6 says:

Skillet face strikes back

Shandyisdandy says:

He's a jew. Kind of like who owns literally all major media. He's a jew like 80 of the top 100 congressional donors. They are 2% of the population. Know uour masters, retards

worldsbestfun says:

Hey, Chuck The Schmuck! Walls don't work you say? They are immoral you say? Let's take down the Wall in your other country that you pledge allegiance to! Go ahead, take down the wall in Israel and see what happens!! Spread this idea all around people, makes a damn Good Point!! 😉

Diane Campbell says:

Losers. You're not running cause you're a tool and Trump2020

Clint MacNeil says:

Tom Steyer the "Liar" lol

Don Meihost says:

What good does it do for people to sign a petition to impeach Trump? Even if the democratically controlled house is stupid enough to impeach him, the republican controlled senate will never convict him and he won't be removed from office. Steyer must have a lot of money to blow. Seems like there could be a lot more useful causes to spend his money then trying to get the president impeached.

Jesse Bird says:

CNN – “This just in! Mark Dice threatened to nuke San Francisco!”

Mr T says:

WELL! I've decided not to run for President as well until Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Harris and Feinstein are in jail, Jim Acosta has been exiled to Guatemala and Donald Lemon has been cured of queerism.

Glen Hesketh says:

They live in an ulterior universe.

Walker Slam says:

Neo liberal policies on free trade, like TPP, are directly responsible for the overconsumption and massive production of unrepairable cheap goods manufactured in the most polluting factories of the world powered by coal plants and imported on long distances in massive boats using slaves powered by the dirtiest form of bloody oil.

Joseph Prucha says:

Haha. Making watching the news fun. All I need is a cup of liberal tears:)

stormysocks says:

He's probably got a sealed indictment

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