CNN Stupefies Republican

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Congressman Mo Brooks was flabbergasted during his interview with CNN’s Josh Berman. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Nomiki Konst, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) clashed with CNN’s John Berman during a lengthy interview Friday morning over the president’s demand for a border wall and threat to declare a national emergency to circumvent Congress and fund it.

Berman kicked off the interview by confronting Brooks with his 2015 comments bashing then-president Obama for using executive authority to buck Congress.

“Why does it appear you have one set of rules for President Obama, and another for President Trump?” Berman asked.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Nomiki Konst

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Nomiki Konst


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ahmed essa says:

Americans are the only people in the whole world who believes that climate change is a hoax or not a threat

acceptjesusorburn says:

Taxes can stop hurricanes, and pigs can fly in liberal loony land.

bigraviolees says:

Mo Brooks is a fukn redneck and red necks are the dumbest idiots and easiest to buy

hilda Mercado says:

Republicans are stupid, arrogants son of bitches.

888strummer says:

Climate change is NOT a national security threat. Liberals smoke way too much dope these days.

Josh Black says:

I begin to stupify, blehh!

BlueSmokeGamer says:

Oh crap, they caught me on camera being full of shit.

toastsandwich says:

He doesn't seem to understand the concept of a thought experiment

jayburdification says:

Fewer, Cenk. Not less, fewer. Love, Stannis.

MrVedude says:

Mo Brooks is probably going to challenge Doug Jones in 2020, and unfortunately Brooks will win. Doug Jones and Cory Gardner are guaranteed to lose in the Senate race next year imo.

jeck jeck says:

They are actually brain dead!

JackgarPrime says:

A massive hurricane would absolutely be a national security threat. Damage to that degree ruining infrastructure and more importantly, taking many lives would be something that would require emergency response. Cenk also mentions the wildfires, and I'd say the California wildfires were DEFINITELY a national emergency.
Also "I don't understand the question" is a pretty lousy way to try and deflect, Mo.

Jackob Hall says:

The military says climate change IS a national security threat. They don't day illegals here.

PenguinMafia Don says:

USA is not a democracy, it is a Representative Republic

Get Social says:

Just get rekt, tribal, hypocritical Republican fool. rofl

Dorien Wharton says:

Wow stupid ass republicans so funny, ummm i dont follow clima what?lol

wayne morgan says:

With their stupidity of course. There is no threshold for any amount of crime the American populace should tolerate from illegal aliens because the entire point of the matter is that they shouldn't be in the US in the first place. Not a single American life should be sacrificed in service of illegal aliens that have no right to be in the US in the first place.

ScraftyPants says:

"Can a sitting president issue a national emergency if they believe a national disaster was cause by climate change?"

"I'm sorry, my brain just doesn't have the ability to put all that together, what do you mean?"

hudsle says:

Short answer? Cuz Obama is a ni….umm…Kenyan

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