Ex Prime Minister calls Trump a Motherfr

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KingFahtah says:

I guess Macron is a grandmotherfucker???

Leonard Carr says:

Traitor to the British Empire,hang her.

MsCherryPop3 says:

Campbell is a piece of leftist garbage who was passing herself off as a Conservative. She isn't and never was. Just another half-witted, power hungry fem snowflake. She is now parked in stupid trudeau's cabinet. I hope Canadians are smart enough to vote these pc, muslim loving liberals the hell out of parliament once and for all.

Reese Bradshaw says:

They are scared ..he is doing things in his on unorthodox way .

ragglefraggle says:

The Orange Motherfucker for president 2020!

Jbenn says:

What evilness they live. It's funny how they're telling on themselves.

mo c says:

Shoot some cruise missiles on Ottawa … tit for tat …

jimbones155 says:

We are all motherfuders now.

SpaceManAus says:

Ugly woman inside and out and is the one that is a mother f*cker.

justoldog says:

How dare that c-cks-cking b-tch c-nt use profanity! Real low class.

sue welcom says:

This is what happens when you close the asylums, I'm thinking the really, really "illogical" ones are products of incest…..after learning about what these people have been doing behind closed doors. It's absolutely amazing! Ugh. Don't get me started with Alexandria Occasional Cortex…….lol

zarfii says:

Yep, Canada puts out some real classy and adept politicians. Are they real Canadians or recycled Americans. US has enough of these degenerates to spare a few for Canada.

cindybin2001 says:

Great video. Although I have found that conservatives cuss a lot, too! I am always scolding people online for using profanity on these conservative videos–in the videos themselves and in the comments. And more often than not, people reply to me by cussing me out and using every excuse to justify using this language. People are horrible. Also, Kenn, I wish you wouldn't make fun of a person's looks, calling her ugly. I always scold people for making fun of people's looks or weight, too. Also, Justin Trudeau is horrible–he is letting in tons of migrants, and he legalized marijuana!

Johan Kotze says:

The prevailing amoral mental climate is astoundingly prevalent in the Satanic Wakanda world of the Zionist controlled Globalist lowlife human scum as demonstrated by the vile and evil inhabitants brain farting their putrid toxic psyche unashamedly with arrogant hubris and malignant duplicity.

Rod M. Brumley Sr. Semper Fi says:

She is a Cunt plain and simple

Brett Jolly says:

that mother is kicking all their asses

Kathy Florcruz says:

Castrudeau. The Commislamic who turned Canada into a threat to all of North America.

Kathy Florcruz says:

Oh gee. Another Islam loving Canadian PC whiteguilted moron. Imagine my shock.
And we need a NORTHERN wall now too thanks to their new ISLAMIC PARTY.
Because Islam is NOT a religion. It's an enemy government with Sharia law that usurps all Constitutional rights.

Eduard Vjeko says:

Conservatives in Canada are a joke. Any more "progressive" they would be left of EU.

DeltaMale says:

Check out her twitter, its ridiculous

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