Jim Acosta Learns That Walls Work

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Zaki Hydar says:

Mark that ain’t the wall he promised you lying scum

Riga Fraction says:

If you took an x-ray of Acosta;s head, it would just be a black and white picture of a pile of dog shit

Dustin Eward says:

Ugh, Beto so cringe, I had to stop watching …

The Future Isn't so Bright says:

100% of prisons have walls, Berlin had a wall and the Iron curtain was a wall of sorts. Fuck it, use land mines or directed energy to vaporize anyone attempting to cross.

TheZodiacz says:

Baghdad Bob was a lot more likeable than Acosta, or any of the puppets at CNN.

peter gregory says:

I never want to look at Beta the Chipmunk O'Rourke's smiling mugshot as long as I shall live! So help me Ground Squirrel.

belle says:

Trump hungry….
Need food….
Liberals are yummy

Craig West says:

Jim Acosta you idiot. The fence works.

jonnbravo119806 says:

I’m ashamed that this moron was able to breach my state. We need better security on all of our borders, and airports, as well.

TheDaddyo365 says:

jim ASScosta

Blackn Rawmoto says:

You got that right marky
Idiocrazy in America

Bulk Rogan says:

Did anyone see those Bangladeshis that we’re making the trek? And wtf is with the dentist office video smfh

MrLDustin1 says:

I can't believe you idiots still watch this delusional racist psychopath's videos

Scott Kazmer says:

Beto looks like he has a butthole on his nose! Lol

Tacit Worm says:

No need to reinvent the wall. It works.

Dennis Karnes says:

Acosta is a paid communist activist and the furthest thing from an actual journalist. He needs to be executed for numerous acts of treasonous speech and anti American activities. BRING BACK HUAC!!!!!!!!

Tyler Maugle says:

You are the best bro!!!

Moforion says:

An American sneaking back across his own country's border wearing some Bin Laden mask… LMAO

Fuddy Duddy says:

Jim Acosta reminds me of Ricky from the trailer park boys in this clip

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