Mark Dice BANNED from FB ? Boycott FB !!

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World News Report Today #Satire #realdonaldtrump #realnews
Mark Dice a famous You Tube Conservative Voice has been banned from Facebook for a simple and true quote he made on Facebook. The Facebook Nazi Police have banned Mr. Dice for 7 days at this point and time and have done so for the following quote, “Black men murder children every day in the ghettos of America. The only reason the story about the dead seven year old girl went viral is because people though the killer was white. He wasn’t. Sad story from every angle.”

Mainstream media outlets recently reported on the shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes in Houston, Texas. Originally, the girl’s mother and family told police that she was killed by a 30-40-year-old white man, painting the tragedy as some sort of racially-motivated incident.


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