Return of Chuck and Nancy

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MB4LUNCH says:

carl is rockin' that knit tie like no one ever before!

Kathie Logan says:

Ship anti American CRIMINALS Pelosi and Schumer to GITMO! This is TREASON, and they should be charged with the murders of the two police officers killed by the criminal demonrat protected illegals! Ship them to GITMO! Then the criminal MSM should be shipped out too!

toxic monsanto says:

As much as the left can't believe Trump got elected, both the left and the right can't believe Pelosi and Schmuck got elected. Definitely something very suspicious there.

Tom Cat says:

Ha ha! You can even tell, Chris Cuomo is getting tired of this nonsense! Just like all the viewers he used to have!

Kim Scofield says:

I couldn't finish watching. I'm so tired of the lies these people have spilling out of their mouths and they know they are lying and they don't even blink. I've had to stop listening lest I end up in more than justfbjail

red voter says:

Chuck Schumer reminds me of the uncle our parents would not allow to stay in the house by himself

mustacheforever68 says:

got an ad!!! And I watched it all the way thru for you 😉

Texas RN says:

CNN got permission to laugh at Chuck and Nancy…the memes rock!

j w says:

Talk about a " manufactured crisis", they think everyday that the people winning with Trump in office is a crisis

isitmondayet says:

Jim Acosta needs to wear a clown nose…that help alert anyone accidentally stuck watching him, "Warning idiot about to speak".

Kerry Lauritzen says:

You'll notice that the anti-Trump people keep saying the President lied during the speech, but they never specifically say what they thought was a lie.

artpop stan says:

Burn in hell for making fun of Gagas apology

Bryon Stephens says:

At this point, I realize that it's "us vs. them"…and I mean that on all levels. My family history in this republic dates back to the early 1700's…we have been staunch defenders of this great nation's sovereignty, defenders of its constitution, and participation in every war in defense of this great land from the American Revolution, The Spanish American War, the Civil War as well as WW I and WW II…and the Korean War. When I hear these ungodly, greedy socialist's tearing down the very fabric of our nation's heritage and history…I get very, very angry. As a Christian, one of my biggest faults is anger and thoughts of retribution…I want to hang these traitors to our country…these progressive idiots that hate God, hate traditional family values and continuously try to convince us that there are more than two…wekk it makes me sick. I'm getting old…so I won't see the climax of what's happening now…but make no mistake about it…these folks are pure evil enemies of everything our forefathers fought and died for in preserving and defending our constitution! God bless my fellow patriots and God bless the future defenders of truth and justice!

Axl Despaw says:

How many of you think that Jim stands in front of a mirror for hours at a time rehearsing his lame news presentation..meticulously going over each line..chuckling to himself during his one liners

KING RPG93 says:

Why does CNN continuously have this idiot Bernstein on who hasn’t done anything in 50 years? I answered my own question

R J says:

The main stream media ARE TRAITORS to this country! Why do we allow them to slander the best President night after night? This is totally nuts! Big difference from when they blew obama night after night, you remember, THE FRAUD! WTF is wrong with these people??????????????????????????????

Ernest Oliveira says:

Dumb and dumber They don't get it Trump will build the wall with or without congress !

Anthony Stokes says:

I don't like putting a head dress on E Warrens head. The Head dress is sacred.

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