What Is Gaslighting? – Russell Brand

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Has this ever happened to you?

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Subsitute Bodhisattva says:

Russell Rebrand.
Back in a more grungy, every man style, because "Elite playboy" got tiring for the peasants.
Yes Russell, great job tricking the poor into supporting your lifestyle.

Dan Bee says:

I feel like meditation is just a fancy word for alone time. Not necessarily solitude but time for your mind to rest cause people are just born to never shut up.
Perhaps your in a relationship where your lover wants more of you and your not giving them those very little left over minutes in your busy ass day.

Lazy Jesus says:

Lots of fun pictures and information on Mr Wanky Wanky himself

Our Founding Liars says:

gaslight is a great movie but Hitchcock had nothing to do with it :/

craftaway says:

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

Elizabeth Ayres says:

I'm glad this topic has been opened in this space.

Roger Smith says:

Thank-you for your amazingly articulate speech and critically sound reasoning, combined with your positive empowering tone and honest self-disclosure. These four aspects of your "focus talks" make this so rewarding to watch. As someone who is living some of these things you speak about, your videos have been absolutely enlightening to me. Thank-you so much for taking the time and having the thought to share your insights and conclusions. I feel you are allowing me to see a way forward from my current position.

Crazy Town Productions says:

Its great to see everyone here who sees through the master manipulators. Its a battle of good vs. evil

Tommy Riddell says:

It isn’t from a Hitchcock film. Gaslighting comes from the film starring Ingrid Bergman.

L Hijk says:

Nutritional. Well said in such an ASMR.quality. Two birds one feed. Lovely!

john edwards says:

There are many ways of manipulating someone. Gaslighting is one way when you convince someone out of what they rightly know by continuously claiming the opposite.

"I did record the movie" (They did).
Gaslighter – "No you didn't".
"But I remember doing it".
"Would I lie, though?" (Yes!)
"Well no."
"You know I love you and would never lie don't you"?
"Of course."
"Never mind, I forgive you".
"I'm so sorry darling, it'll never happen again".

Evolve Together says:

How do these people have 1.4 subs and 3k views? Lol be quite Russel, you need Jesus

CD M says:

This is a common tactic men use. How many times do they call us "crazy"

Barbara Brennan says:

I've been gaslit a million times in the last 15 years. Ive moved 7 times. Same group of people surround me to get me to fuck. They make me miserable and upset. And are controlling me financially. Someone is pulling strings to keep me trapped. I'm caught in the crossfire. I get LAST CHANCE emails that terrify me.

Barbara Brennan says:

It's you. The guy in library. She knows I have a disability, and their fucking computers are being messed with by the kids playing games. Librarians always seem to favor men. Important men. But that particular girl always talks down to me.

Rage Against The Numpty says:

Fucking non-intellectual, pretentious, champagne socialist arsehole.

KaysianReigns says:

Agreed. I like the pose he did at the end lol.

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