🇧🇷 Brazil state governor to continue prison reforms despite attacks | Al Jazeera ENglish

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In Brazil, a state governor is refusing to back down on his prison reforms – despite retaliation from organised criminal gangs.
Prisons built to hold captured gang members have instead become centres of power for the criminal syndicates and authorities have vowed that must not be allowed.
The gangs launched a wave of attacks in Ceara state, prompting President Bolsonaro to send in national troops and the state government to crack down on the prisons even further.
Al Jazeera’s Daniel Schweimler reports.

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Dick Cheney says:

Start executing leaders.

Joseph Smith says:

Brazil is a country full of wasted potential! Brazil could be as powerful as USA is now…, yet it so poor, violent, and backward. Brazil has the land, great climate, natural resources, etc…The primary reason for Brazil's failure is the income inequality, and now the USA is going down this path.

jdrobin1 says:

Proverty = Crime ……..You fix poverty and there is peace

incendie21 says:

Instead of prisons, how about a bullet to the head?

Mass india says:

Kill them all in a single period time, may be it can violate human rights, but when it's over ll be all Peace.

Raul Lozada says:

Too little too late for Brazil the gangs and cartels power is too great. Due to the same state causing much of the poverty and social woes the last 40+ years. It going to be deadly for everyone in Brazil now.

Eusunt Dac says:

You win the fight against organized crime by providing opportunity/jobs/services for common people and by legalization of drugs like cannibis.

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