🇵🇸 Israel arrests settler teenagers accused of stoning car | Al Jazeera English

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Four Israeli settlers have been released to house arrest after being held in connection with the killing of a Palestinian woman three months ago.
Aisha Rabi died after rocks were thrown through the windscreen of her car.
A fifth teenager is in police custody.
The numbers show violent crimes by settlers against Palestinians rose sharply last year.
Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from the occupied West Bank.

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PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

arresting itself again… hilarious and funny.. HOLOHOAXE, fakery Semitic or modern-day apthraied Nazi's brutality or oppresseive regime's led terrorists act again.. herpes clowns or laughing stock's instead…. lol..

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:


PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

everybody wins again.. HOLOHOAXE led begins or more's fake Zionists actor's/actress led terrorists act again. via FAKERY BRAINWASHED JEWWOOD OR BOLLYWOOD PROPAGANDA MACHINE AGAIN…LOL..

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

everybody wins again.. Allah's AKBAR..

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

who?. don't recognized it simple. long lives occupied Palestinian/Syria nation's baby's. Allah's AKBAR..

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

who?. fake paedophile illegitimate YINON PROJECT'S LED TERRORISTS ACT MARCHES ON.. SO FUNNY.

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

or more's fake illegitimate paedophile Zionists manufacturing crisis led terrorists act again… hilarious and funny.

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

Omfg more's paedophile Zionists fakery jewwood or fake bollywood propaganda led terrorists act again…hilarious and funny..

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

rock & stone's control's or crackdowns on itself again. hilarious and funny.

Game Player says:

No to Zionist

Scott Ewing says:

zionist settlers are human apes.

Lance Edwards says:

Funny, I have to go outside US media to get these stories. We have the leverage to change this injustice against the Palestinians, but we won’t use it. We both compliment each other’s raging paranoia.

TheGhost204 says:

When do Arabs ever arrest/punish their own people for murdering innocent Jews? Hypocrites have no right to criticize.

Rony Nair says:

Qatar should accept all Palestine people

odfighter says:

So rocks are now dangerous?

Shahbaz says:

It is just a propaganda. What Israel government do is only war crimes and killing of unarmed Palestinian people. They were also behind 9/11, remember the dancing Israelis.

Altaf Attari says:

Arresting a settler just a show off from back door it's released

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