🇸🇾 Syria’s war: SDF confronts ISIL in last Syrian stronghold | Al Jazeera English

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US and Kurdish forces have attacked ISIL’s last stronghold in Syria.
US aerial bombing of the town of Hajin, where the last remnants of ISIL are holed up, has increased and SDF commanders say that they are making progress.
Although this is the last of the territory that ISIL had claimed, analysts worry that the ideology that gave birth to the movement remains strong in the region.
Many of the 60,000 that once called the Hajin area “home” have fled to makeshift camps for the internally displaced and may be stuck for the bitter winter; some SDF fighters expect this final offensive could last two to three months.
Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow reports.

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Lamar Azmoe says:

The PMUs (Iraqi Shia), Hezbollah, Irania-backed Shia and the SAA would have cleared out the Salafi-Wahhabi terrorist over a year earlier if they were not prevented by the Israeli controlled U.S.and Kurds along with their al-Saud crime family supporters.

Herman Spaerman says:

All islamists, around the world, must be exterminated. Syria is on its way of getting rid of this pestilence. Fighting against islamists will soon ensue in Europe and the rest of Asia.

Nplos Le says:

Sunnis should be deported to Saudi Arabia if peace should be upon Syria

Ali A. Dhillon says:

Yes please kill all the Sunnis for your satisfaction. Now we don't even have the right to be worried that we got overrun by Shiites.

Sher says:

Isis is whabbi funding. Qatar, UAE, Turkey, NATO, EU, Saudi and all the Gulf scum nations

Yassine St says:

This war is sick. They are fooled by westerns murderers regimes to kill each other. For what?

MBANS7A1 says:

SDF fighting USA* produced ISIS* members from al-tanf* hahaha; it's a con- SAA, its supporting militia and Russia* have liberated areas bigger that Hajin* and Deir-El zour* way faster.

Shahbaz says:


Yung Akashi says:

Isis a black ops group created to villify and demonize the free Syrian fighters,it's easy to kill people that are villified and demonised.
Why would anyone villify the free Syrian fighters, you may ask.
The answer is simple the only thing the Israelis feared from Asad was Wmds once he agreed to give them up to western powers Asad a bathist communist was their best friend against the syrian freedom fighters.

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