🇻🇪 Maduro opponents hold protest, call for new Venezuela elections | Al Jazeera English

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In Venezuela, opponents of President Nicolas Maduro have been protesting as he begins his second term in office.
The head of the opposition-run congress has challenged Maduro’s right to lead the country, saying he’s ready to assume power himself and call new elections.
The protests were smaller than those in 2017, when Maduro attempted to disregard the National Assembly, and President Maduro claimed these protests were another attempt by the United States to generate chaos in the Latin American country.
AL Jazeera’s Teresa Bo has more from Caracas.

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Joseph Smith says:

International community doesn't care about Venezuela… International community cares about oil and oil is very cheap now and will be cheap for a long time as we have plenty of supply and demand is slowing. So bye bye Venezuela!

Ivo C says:

I hope the new president gets kill or arrest for no reason

Glory Perun says:

U.S.wants to kill Maduro and make new war between Venezuela and Columbia ! Read about gold Maduro asked in London's bank!
The same thing they did will Ugo Chavez! Watch out

Omar Rad says:

The USA accuse Maduro of being an "illegitimate dictator" while at the same time supporting putchist Al-Sisi in Egypt, the Saudi absolute monarchy, Hungarian fascist Orban and so on…
Ridiculous gringo hypocrites….

Sunglass Shinpan says:

Assassinate maduro!

Melania Trump says:

Good going Venezuela protesting against that evil Maduro. Get rid of him and you's can help "Make Venezuela Great Again."

Phil Merrall says:

Also see Phil Merrall – UK Politica

Rose Phoenix says:

It looks like there is hope for the people of Venezuela and Venezuela country over there to stand up and to let Avenue president to stay of a positive together loved ones marriage family jobs and children going to have a greatest Legacy in Venezuela including Venezuela senescence and for the people this is going to be the biggest history ever ever let of a new president stable on in Venezuela there is a hope for Venezuela people to fight it always hope

vera sehn says:

The Brazilian party that supports misery, communist dictator, fascism and torture was represented in the possession of the Maduro, through its dirtiest PT. Venezuelans, do you want to bring down Maduro? Do as the Brazilians: shake hands. The Union is strength

He Sees All says:

Government exists to Serve the people. … The people do not exist to Serve The Government! Look at The Fruits of the current Political Labor. …. self servant at best, corrupt and filled with injustice. Those Fruits will all account for Nothing for they provide Nothing. And just as they will be swept away, discarded, unworthy of The King's acknowledgement, so will be true, of The Pleas from Those who are filled with Dead Man's Bones and All Corruption!

J. D. Ortiz says:

Another guy blaming the USA of their problems

c marcelin says:

The racist imperialist will not let up on anyone truly govern themselves! Look at the rest of America, complete control of the same European colonials that committed sheer devastation on the indigenous and stolen Africans! …..Same tragic arrangement from Canada to Argentina!

fmx 101 says:

Wow I saw no overweight people there…. Well maybe Maduros fat chics

Dan Man says:

CIA's man in Venezuela doesn't look very convincing.

meh says:

I wonder how hard Venezuela will become hard right wing if this is ever over

Dev Dixit says:

You mean geroge soros and Rothschild backed protest?

M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3 says:

Whenever they say Liberta it reminds me of the Rebenga Hit in Scarface.

TheModest Man says:

Down with a man with a horrendous economic policy! Long live a free Venezuela

Giuseppe Mazzini says:

You mean the US wants him out and us backed thugs

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