Colin Kaepernick Fans Flip Out After This NFL Quarterback Gets Signed

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Top Stories Today –
Colin Kaepernick Fans Flip Out After This NFL Quarterback Gets Signed

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Donn Lowe says:

Let his fans whine, who gives a s***. Colin Kaepernick and his girlfriend are anti-American. He has been irrelevant for the last couple years I wish they'd stop mentioning his name and let him be swept into to the dustbowl of History.


Colins' kneeling actions are the reason I quit watching football two years ago. doubt I'll ever go back.

rxr in az says:

The REAL story of Kap and all the drama it created is that he tried in every way to get traded from the 49ers. Him sitting for the National Anthem was just another attempt , that backfired on him WORLDWIDE !! His agents made up the story that he was protesting black/white police brutality that was current during the time and the rest is history. Its not that Kap isnt a good QB , its the contraversy and ENORMOUS amount of bad publicity and sports wide protesting he created in his selfish rant to be traded. Thats the real reason he'll never play in the NFL again.

Kenny Lewis says:


Jasmine may says:

any men here?

david diehl says:

Doesn't play because he's a self centered ASSHOLE, pay him to clean-up the SHIT in L A then he can join it.

Dennis Hartford says:

Need to treat him like the shit he is

janet sers says:

commie loser

Don Ghidoni says:

Politics. The NFL and their fans are jackoffs who claim to be Americans but can't support a player's rights under our and his Constitution. The shame is on the NFL from the start. They and their commentators are cowards who can blather on and on about everything, but failed to stand up for what this country is all about, the Constitution of We The People. Is it any wonder why we're looking a middle- class, jobs, and homes to the power of money. When one of our other citizens stands up: takes a knee, over proven facts of the so-call authorities abuse of power over the Constitutional rights of others we stood all stand up. Remember this, if we don't they'll first come after someone in any way they can, then another, and another, until there is only you who has no one left to stand up in your defence. Get it?

Scott Winne says:

Colins fans are already flipping out they don't need a reason.LOSERS BACKING A LOSER.

Cattle ranch 14 says:

If he wants to kneel and go against the NFL rules, your out. If he wants to take a knee, go do it in front of those that can’t take a knee because it was blown off fighting for us!!!

gezortenplotz says:

Just don’t do it.

Eric Books says:

I like it .get trouble maker out of there

saints says:

He is a liberal, fascist traitor to this great country. But he is not alone when it comes to being a traitor to AMERICA AND GOD. THE OTHER TRAITORS YOU WILL HOPEFULLY SEEN REAL SOON,the crimes they did as politicians. They don’t fight for us,they fight for that own back pocket. Typical how is it that a congress woman that makes $174,000 a year and can live in a 5 million dollar home. Case in point (MAXINE WATERS) lets not for get (NANCY PELOSI) she has serval million dollar homes and is worth a estimated 85 million dollars. I know that 2+2 = 4 but I don’t understand how $174,000 turns into 85 million. If we all had that kind of fortune we would not have welfare. They are all children of their FATHER THE DEVIL. IT WILL ALL SOON COME OUT I HOPE AND THEN WE WILL SEE HOW MANY MORE POLITICIANS NEAL DOWN AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST COLIN KAP.

ronald welch says:

Never watch again.

ronald welch says:

He is still on his knees for his boyfriends

SAY UNCLE!!! says:

Kap will never play again.

Jim Batchelder says:

You are a pile

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