FL Associated Press Reporter submission – Jenna Bourne

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Jenna Bourne is an investigative and general assignment reporter whose work in 2018 spurred change on the national and state level.
First story: The federal agency that moves military families from city to city made policy changes after Jenna’s series of investigations exposed nationwide problems. The gaps in oversight of military moving contractors that Jenna exposed also prompted action from a U.S. Senator. This is the first story in that series. Jenna eventually got the CEO in the hot seat for an on-camera interview.
Second story: This is a breaking news liveshot after a fire forced employees to evacuate a car shop.
Third story: This feature shows that sometimes children with special needs just need special tools.
Fourth story: Microblading is a beauty procedure that’s skyrocketing in popularity, but it can lead to serious health issues if done incorrectly. Jenna exposed a flaw in a statewide system meant to protect consumers, prompting the Florida Dept. of Health to make changes.


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