Herman Cain, Mike Huckabee Blast Mitt Romney Over ‘Flip-Flopping’ on Donald Trump

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Jack Davis for the Western Journal reports, Former 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain and former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee piled derision on Sen. Mitt Romney for his attacks on President Donald Trump during a Saturday appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Watters World” with host Jesse Watters.

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James Davidson says:

Romney is always been like Kerry they're both quite scary!

Wildstar R says:

I feel like Romney is going to be the "Flake" in 2020. What a a back stabber. Romney did mind President Trump helping him get elected.

William Elliott says:

Romney is a bum

Machi74005 says:

McTurtle needs to pull RINOmney aside and let him know he has 2 options: STFU and get back in line or change parties; otherwise, he will be treated like absolute garbage.

Utah would vote for a smeared pile of cow manure as long as it had an R behind its name.

Going South says:

Glad to see you back!

JoJo C says:

I'm glad somebody did. I wish the good senators and congressmen would speak up more often not just of the news media but when they were voting on important stuff it'd be nice to hear how they actually do their job I won't hold my breath at present our president is the only one doing his job

James Collins says:

Gary, I think your being too soft on the Idiot Mitt.

lrac rellim says:

Look at his background, he'll do anything for money. You get arrested on the street for that.

Rick Hansen says:

I am disappointed in Utah voters you guys were snowed.

Rick Hansen says:

Mitt Romney changes directions so often he meets him self coming.

L. Bailey says:

"Romney is in to footwear, flip flops."

Mike j says:

So So true Mr. Flip flop Romney sure as hell can't be trusted! reminds me of Kelly Ayote!

G13 Maverick says:

Is Romney related to Shumer ?

Joyce Benton says:

I don’t hate Gov. Romney, because each governing leadership has own different styles to lead or govern for our country America’s greatness. I guess it doesn’t matter what Party, or what identity, as long as govern by our country America’s own established principles of Foundation and Constitution as patriotism and loyalty toward America’s greatness always should all be good Governing leaderships as the duties. We are all Americans and humans at the same time. American Governing leaderships will govern by our country America’s own established principles of Foundation and Constitution only as the duties. We are all humans. Humans do have own sentiment toward each other. This is why building good or better relationships by appropriate communication, kindness and decency nature are also very important too. However, the principles of America’s own established immigration laws should supersede anything which includes sentiment too, since way too many as massive Americans are agitatedly mad and have become emotional for quite long. It’s maybe the time to do somethings good for Americans quickly and seriously now to cool down Americans’ emotions, since America is a civilized nation of the immigration laws and American peoples, I guess.
Gov. Romney has been a patriotic America’s Governing leadership always and there’s no reason to hate him at all. I guess everything will be solved by sincerity, discussion and working together by our country America’s own established immigration laws together again to solve our border problems together again.

Jim Beam says:

Romney is just a jealous tool. Trump got done what him and McCain couldn’t. Those two bozos are responsible for the eight years of Obama that drove us further into this mess. That worthless turd needs to keep his mouth shut along with the rest of the never Trumper Republicans and get with the program of stopping these liberal lunatics. What the fuck don’t these idiots get? It’s not Trump the liberal loons despise it’s ALL conservatives and their values.


Mitt – lukewarm- Romney

Douglas Elliott says:

Traitorous RINO scum.

Donald Strickland says:

Romney is a crooked sellout who is just as horrible as killary Clinton

Merlin Moon says:

Add me to the list of “disappointed” with Romney. I actually voted for that turncoat when he was running against Obummer. I guess I, like we are forced to do many times, voted for the lesser of the evils. So I picked Romney. Then years past and he slithers out from under a rock to backstab his own party members. I sure as hell would not welcome him as one of my next door neighbors. He is a snake.

cg2031 says:

Romney is a big ole piece of shit

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