Kamala Harris Ignores Extremism On The Left

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New representatives, Ihlan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are getting a free pass from Democrats like Kamala Harris and the mainstream media despite their extremism.

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model nutty says:

oh really KKKamala HarASS…..

Carnelian Topsoil says:

How is this not hate speech? I'm confused

William Riker says:

We are so doomed.

bogey19018 says:

The only people selling hate and division are hussein, the clintons and friends.

KS Rebel says:

Continue to bury your head…..check this!

Americans First says:

Harris is a complete hypocrite just like every other leftist. It’s their mental illness. They are incapable of being self aware.

Christopher Pearson says:

Satanic power by definition, is the power of deception, the power of fakery, of lies and lying, the 'Lord of Illusion' demonically exploiting the 'World of Maya' as manifesting in cultural modalities like the 'Deep State' as the power of secrecy and secret societies. Superstitious beliefs notwithstanding – just the 'nuts and bolts' phenomena like the 'Power of Money' – the ultimate power of the occultist hegemony. The 'God of Mammon' personified! The 'Matrix' reality paradox in point of fact. Now see how this power structure 'subliminally' integrates into the mass 'mesmeric' mindsets of human civilizations in the present time and current events. Makes some analysis points compelling consideration as to the 'depth psychological' fix on the underlying nature of one's 'human' experience!


ronin one says:

He is shilling for Israel now, is there no end.

mobile star says:

Get rid off all left media and friends and family. Leave them to their own devices.

mobile star says:

Enemy of the nation. Only the folks on the right are saving America from total destruction and hive mind nation

BReal23 says:

Since when was dual loyalties a good thing? If you are an American citizen you should be loyal to America and not any other country. Zionists are not patriots.

Justin S says:

You know you guys are dogshit, right? twitter.com/AdamSerwer/status/1083084167829749760

evodude919 says:

Well, many leftist Muslims like Louis Farrakhan and White Supremacists do agree on one thing – that Jews own the media. And they are both correct.

45 4 2020 says:

Drug test every 1 of them

American Born Patriot. says:

Kamala Harris isn't Black, she's biracial, just as Barack Hussein Obama isn't Black, he's a biracial offspring.

William Henry Van Etta says:

The left is the enemy of the nation.

yakyakyak69 says:

Demonrats & RINOs. What do you expect?

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