Lindsey Graham And Top Reps Throws Jim Acosta Over The Border Wall For Posting The Dumbest Video

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Top Stories Today –
Lindsey Graham And Top Reps Throws Jim Acosta Over The Border Wall For Posting The Dumbest Video.

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► Lindsey Graham And Top Reps Throws Jim Acosta Over The Border Wall For Posting The Dumbest Video.

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Donny Anderson says:

Walls work Build the wall

Renee Palmer says:

jimmy, you deserve a medal for this one !! why ?? you were a walking, talking, billboard, for the REASON for having a " W W A L L " i know this is NOT what you intended on doing…………… BUT ………… you did !!

Blazing light says:


Jefferey Blagus says:

Walk another thousand miles and get back to me.

Alice Leyva says:

The 2018 omnibus provides just enough funds to build 33 miles of fencing on the Texas border — but it also provides $500 million to help Jordan build a wall and defense line against jihad terrorists trying to cross its 287-mile border with Iraq and Syria.The omnibus budget says on page 394:SEC. 9011. Up to $500,000,000 of funds appropriated by this Act for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency in ‘‘Operation and Maintenance, Defense-Wide’’ may be used to provide assistance to the Government of Jordan to support the armed forces of Jordan and to enhance security along its borders.Democrats had no problem funding the wall in Jordan. It was not an “immoral wall.”And that was only 10 months ago!

Jennifer Burrell says:

Jim Acosta went to the wrong place. He needs to go and report at the place where hundreds and hundreds of illegal immigrants who are camped out at the border control area where rocks are being thrown over the wall where border control entry and dodge the rocks and hopefully he gets hit by a rock or 2 just to suffer amnesia, where he can't be a reporter ever again. Get your hands dirty and go where the real problem is and don't report from where things are calm. Most likely calmer because of the wall.

Blade Solano says:

He is the perfect example of how the biased media no longer reports the news but rather tries to push their agenda.His sole intention was to make a case AGAINST President Trump wanting a wall to protect our borders instead he made a perfect case for the building of walls on our borders. It's shameful that someone we are suppose to trust to supply us with news and information to keep us informed on our world and how to make our lives better spends every minute trying to put our President down. It clearly shows CNN's bias and that all they want their staff to do is focus on attacking our President and dividing our country. What kind of news Station would make that their main priority. That's why I believe the media is our biggest Enemy. People need to Really pull together and no longer watch or support news stations, tv shows or so called celebrities who constantly try to divide our Country and force their agenda on us. Like it or not Donald Trump is Our President. He's not the President of the Republicans or the Democrats. He's the President of the UNITED States of America. Yes United not Divided. Fighting him on every single issue just because you are a Democrat does absolutely nothing to help Us or our Country which is the sole reason We the People vote you into Office. It's for you to grandstand and waste every day and our tax dollars to use vulgar language while attacking the Person We also voted into office to be Our President. Perhaps I'm wrong but I believe our tax dollars are used to Pay all Politicians We vote into office to help Us have better lives and make Our Country the Best it can be. If you're not Mature enough to know how to work with other people even if you don't completely approve everything about them then tell Americans that before We vote you into Office so We can choose a candidate who can work and focus on US and not themselves, their Political affiliation or Political Future aspirations. We don't vote you into Office to spend 2 or 4 years wasting every day complaining about everything and doing nothing while Our tax dollars are used to Provide YOU with a better Life and doing absolutely nothing for US.

Southern Man says:

It’s nothing to do with the fence! It’s all about President Trump losing! Democrats don’t want him to win! If he gets his fence people will see that he’s working for the American people and re-elect him.

Nico Man says:

Finally a cnn reporter proving walls work, hey Jim go to the other side of that wall see how long your wallet lasts.

Rodney Fowler says:


avgrim77 says:

I thought the illegal roaches were hundreds of miles away?

John Hansel says:

Today he's probably screaming and beating his head against the wall hope so.

Susan Kwon says:

Stupid Acosta proved wall works.

Jamisen Hilvers says:

The absolute best… There's the guy that's been making fun of Acosta for like a year putting "Dear Diary" before his retweets… Acosta hates it, so Trump retweeted this video with "Dear Diary" at the beginning…I frigging lost it… That's why I love Trump!!!

jose Duran says:

I think that trump should still keep his word about mexico paying for the wall even though that's not a wall those shit that Acosta is showing were since obama was in office i know cuz i live in Brownsville tx

Gary Posthuma says:

Jim Acosta so dumb i bet you could get him piss on a electric fence


Thank you Jim. You should protect American and legal immigrant, not illegal. Trump 2020

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