No forensics. Why? There was no hacking in the first place: Fmr CIA officer on ‘Russian meddling’

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A conservative news website claims to have uncovered an online campaign by what it calls ‘Democratic operatives’.
The Daily Caller says a company called ‘American Engagement Technologies’ attempted to encourage Republican voters to stay at home during the 2018 mid-term elections. That same organization was also previously accused of running a bogus Russian bot campaign on Twitter during the 2017 Alabama Senate race.


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Alvaro Dussan says:

The real collusion was between Democrats and the Social Media giants and the MSM.

olnappy says:

How true is it, Trump owes the Russian mafia, money?

danisor ionescu says:

Oh I love Russian truth, you such an angelic nation, peace loving, Christian orthodox, kids loving motherf….s. You people make me sick. You have burnt tens of kilos of documents and kilos of HDD's in San Francisco Russian Consulate, your operatives defected and told what happened, your IP's were tracked to the very door of GRU office, and you still run this bullshit on-line?

Art Curious says:

“Our source was not a state actor.” – Juliane Assange

The greatest threat to democracy in 2016 was the abuse of power by Hillary and the Obama administration. Period. Full stop. End of story.

harry viking says:

the demonrats do not have the right to exist anymore! wipe the out!

Mick Lillis says:

Thank you for the REAL news RT!!!

odinsmeadhorn says:

If you think your vote still matters, congratulations you are the problem.

Dowlphwin says:

Why even still talk to Clapper? He's a criminal liar.

Johnny Espinal says:

DemocRats are done everyone sees the con job

United States of America says:

I was pissed off on the Alabama race

C C says:

jewmurikkka is a vassal – deep state zionists use the Russia narrative to distract the dumb goy's

ghetto medic says:

And of course, congressional oversight is a joke. Congress is the world's most expensive adult daycare. Most are just plain stupid, and the rest are just plain evil serving the globalist elite and their own interests.

ghetto medic says:

Clapper is a known liar, and has even lied under oath. Him, along with the Obama cabal, and Clinton crime family have pushed us into a new cold war. That is not in either nations best interests nor the world's. All because Hillary was and is a horrible candidate and person. We don't need to go around the world to find our enemies, they are right here, with names like clapper, brennan, comey, rice, lynch, holder and clinton. Hang them all.


In the UK ,the biggest election fraud has been through postal voting.Nothing to do with Russia but exploitation of Pakistan and Bangladesh communities by unscrupulous Asian politicians taking advantage of non English speakers.There has been no US hacking of electronic voting or paper ballots manipulated .The US politicians look stupid by suggesting Russians have some How used social media to change the minds of the US voter to make then Vote Donald Trump as President.Its nonsense and the American electorate isn't that gullible or stupid.Those that don't like Trump should get over it and move on.

Monk says:

If there was evidence Trump would have been gone a long time ago

Just happened to walk by says:

Another motherfu** something -man.

Pietro Jenkins says:

RT -lying and spouting empty propaganda since launching in 2005.

Nothing intelligent in content.

George Lee says:

They will fabricate evidence to condemn Russia.

Ded Head says:

These slime tried one attack after another, against Trump. It was clearly nonsense from the beginning. They still haven't stopped. But, when they discovered, somehow, this "Russia Collusion" hoax worked they all ran with it 24/7. It was completely ridiculous. Every slander they smeared Trump with, but never proved was designed to warn anyone else what would happen to them if they tried to follow what Trump was doing. Who else, with the means to succeed, would subject themselves to what Trump has endured for wanting to make our nation great again? And people STILL don't see what is happening.

Ricky Spanish says:

The DNC actually refused to let the FBI look into their server too. Why is that? Well if you read the book Shattered, you'll find that 24 hours after the election loss, John Podesta and Robby Mook were already making the case that the elections weren't all on the up and up. They went over scripts that they would pitch to the press and the public. What does that tell you? It's all made up.

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