Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice — Refugee Director Blames Global Warming

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, The lunacy of the American left has worked it’s way to Middle East war refugee camps. You. Just. Can’t. Make. This. Up. Unusually cold and snowy weather battered northeastern Lebanon recently affecting 250,000 Syrian refugees.

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The Next News Network says:

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t cply says:

its been doing this since there been a earth to do it on , they know if they say this crap that all the flakes will back it up , to stupid for reason, the normal seasons and changes are not out fault , how foolish do you have to be? like al gore didnt invent the internet , but al gore invented global warming crap to move money from the us to his special interest ,, theres a lot of people on the left side involved in this big lie just like they are always starting crap on mr trump, they know there just enough stupid goin on to pass the word around

AB CD says:

Why are we leaving all the Christians in these horrible conditions yet bringing all the chaotic muslims to Europe, US, Canada, Australia, etc ????

F_ing Trump shithole country says:

Why would God cause natural disasters?

Glenn Sankey says:

It’s nothing to do with global warming. Get a shovel.

doctor greenthumb says:

Haha hell finally froze up

Koobie Fox says:

I thought that part of the world never gets snow.

Gary McAleer says:

As Inspector Harry Hoo used to say to Maxwell Smart: "Amazing!"

Bob says:

So, if you follow the global change logic, considering we would have to reduce the world population to numbers well below that of the 17th century to meet the carbon levels they say are required to save the planet, does it make sense to save these folks? I mean, wouldn’t it be cruel to delay the inevitable? But luckily, the left is wrong and they will never get the chance to eliminate us undesirables.

George Veghte says:

These Climate Alarmists Are Under-Educated, And Even' UN-Educated Morons, We Need A World War To Send All Of Them To, For Orderly Disposal.

joseph meza says:

When God supposedly flooded the earth during the days of Noah was that global warming or was that just the way that mother nature works.

stealthops says:

the white snow is racist = democratic thinking

John Littlejohn says:

This was singled out because Trump brought hpme all our troops and equipment from Syria. Otherwise it would not have been presented to the American public. Even those in parts of the military were vocal about this action was a great mistake. Now they are attacking Trump's base through their emotion. Whereas in truth, they have no compassion for human life nor their discomfort other than their own. They want Trump gone and discredited. To do this they must appeal to his base, which is quite strong. IT IS ALL A MEANS TO AN END. T H E A T E R!!

deltaskyhawk says:

That looks really bad …. but these Global Warming idiots won't face the facts that trends show Global Cooling. Expect this to get worse.

Hazel Osterhout says:

Globe rotates and with the earthquake our axis can shift. This isn't global warming its global repositioning

shur7318 says:

Nwo trying to kill these people with weather manipulation?

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