Top Dems Agrees With President Donald Trump On Building The Border Wall

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Top Dems Agrees With President Donald Trump On Building The Border Wall

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► Top Dem Agrees With President Donald Trump On Building The Border Wall

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Deborah Smith says:


Jane Garchinsky says:

Build the wall

Kathie Logan says:

Hallelujah Hallelujah!

Lily Bogart says:

It's time to stop saying "I could declare A National Emergency and just do it!" Build The Wall ! Democrats need to stop letting Schumer and Pelosi drag them by the brass rings threw their noses..It's all about hating Trump. Proves they are not for the people that elected them.. They are for themselves..

Patricia Oakes says:

Then they should vote again and get this done!

Delores Creswell says:

I'm sure there are Democrates that also agree with the President they are just to afraid to go against Schumer and Pelosi.

shirley blake says:

Stop the Dem pay and give the people there's the Dem cause this they need to feel it like American!!!!!!!

Louis Horton says:

Will Senator Manchin be the Patriot who stands up to his parties stupid strategy of opposing the wall ? Congratulations Sir your honor and integrity are a great help to your party. Other like minded Democrats will follow your leadership you may well have just shown the whole world that not all Democrats are willing to sacrifice their careers for a pety vindictive act like Pelosi or Schumer !!!

Louis John says:

America is too backward in polling system what a shame this is the only country the dead and the illegals vote it’s like Somalia

Arndt Thielfoldt says:


diane iaquinto says:


Janice Foundas says:

Put the demonrat criminals on the other side!

ed fasano says:

It is about time Democrats woke up

Richard Qualls says:

I like it. All Americans should be for a good tall wall that would make invasion less like.

Clement Aona says:

Remove all free government subsidized programs,.. welfare , section 8, food stamps, healthcare all must go except for the elderly and disabled… limited time restraints for the needy 9 months Max. (United States citizens only)…no more come to the United States…..then Democrats we might not need a wall

James Stanley says:

build the damn wall now stop these hordes and hordes of criminals invaders from entering the us at all coast close down the us mexican border down permanenty forever

Richard Nixon Nixon says:

People are dying if it wasn t so easy they wouldn t be trying and the surge is because they just may realize its coming sure tightning crossinfs help most most all criminals will go the easy way its not rocket science its not about for satey of kur country its about hating trump pelosi go lay down next to hour dish

Tonya Craig says:

The American people should start calling the white House and Congress demanding that Pelsoi and Schumer be impeached or fired because their not doing what the people want want and they are suppose to be working for us and their not. People who live in DC area should go to the White House and Congress and start protesting Pelosi & Schumer to be removed from office.

Tonya Craig says:

What do you yhink about that Woopi ? Ha ha

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