Trump Admin Moves Toward Shutting Down Food Stamp Loopholes

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Bethany Blankley for the Western Journal reports, The Trump Administration plans to implement a rule change to close loopholes that states have been using to exempt large portions of healthy, younger food stamp recipients from work requirements.

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The Next News Network says:

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Bikini Fun says:

Food stamps are nothing in the grand scheme of things you sell out POS. Why don't you talk about the Federal Reserve creating currency out of thin air and loaning it to the government and taxing us to pay the interest on the loan or the fact the States are making money on the program? If your Zionist shill President want to save currency he can end funding to Israel and the middle east.

sweetlady1027 says:

If they provide good jobs, and lower the prices to rent, property taxes, college tuition s, etc, then just maybe it will work out. Taking away food stamp without solutions will cause more crime, poverty, for there are plenty of people who work really hard and still can't afford rent, look what's happening with the government shutdown, many are applying for foodstamps. So to say young people are abusing the system, how about lowering the cost of living to stop the stress upon the families in this beautiful country we all live in.God bless you all in Jesus Christ wonderful name Amen,Amen.

Joeh1154 says:

These types of stories make me wonder how many people, including illegals, are also abusing social security. At least now there is a move to get as many off the food stamp dole as possible. Thank you yet again President Trump. I hardly think the FDA did this of their own volition.

Rich De says:

want to eat get a job need a job I hear there is a wall that needs to be built lmfao.

L says:

The sky is falling !
No illegals should never be allowed
To get any ASSISTANCE from our government PROGRAMs !!!

Kylen Chell says:

It hasnt been implemented. When it happens then it is news.

Yaelra R. says:

Less freebies=less illegals

Donny Klaehn says:


Nataly Velokova says:

If there aren't enough jobs available, get rid of the illegals. If schools are too crowded, get rid of the illegals. Food stamps and welfare are social narcotics. The deadbeat parasites on assistance will never rise above the minimum standard of behavior that is expected of them. Expect nothing, get nothing. Want their votes, give them someone else's money. How disgusting!

Sean O'Friel says:

I have witnessed people abusing food stamps first hand. First of all it is a legitimate program that can help people. But it is true people most certainly abuse it. For example say someone gets $200 of food stamps. They'll let people use their EBT card and essentially trade the food stamps for a lesser amount of cash or drugs. People would literally do this in front of the social service building. My mother is a cancer survivor and has many other health problems and is on disability. And still receives food stamps and it helps her greatly. (she paid into the social security system for decades. she deserves it). We need to make sure the service is provided to people that actually need it.

dartsman 501 says:

If axe me, dat be RACIST!

Timprime DiBiase says:

Yeah let's make it harder for colored we got them good with poor education bad depictions in the media bad meds untrue enfo manipulation of Hip Hop demonize

Mick Mick says:

Shut down the welfare. Sheet sheeet I is gettin my welfare be taken sheeet my welfare sheeeet sheeeet hell nahhhh sheeeeet! I is goonaa do naw sheeeeet. Hell nah fo sho git my section 8 sheeeet wat I is goonaa do naw sheeeeet.

Karen Carr says:

Very happy with this bill!

Paul Hadden says:

Thank a God ! With out all the freebies hopefully the chicos will leave.

oiho ohio says:

Cool,thin the herd!

Charles Hahn says:

Yeah but what about us people on social security who are barely scraping by from month to month and all we get is $15 a month for food assistance. And who else gets the rest of the assistance? It's the illegal immigrants. They get $100, $200 and sometimes $300 for food and we Americans work ourselves to death just to get a mere $15. That is a travesty.

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