Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 1/20/19 | Mike Pence Delivers Breaking News Today January 20

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Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 1/20/19 | Mike Pence Delivers Breaking News Today January 20, 2019
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Mike Keeling says:

Drones will work if they are ARMED .

steve l says:

Chris Wallace made pence feel stupid. Mike feels so hopeless, chris is like then open the gov. But no you prefer to create a crisis because trump failed to get mexico to fund the wall.

K C says:

Wallace you little weasle. Go work for CNN. Mike hardly finishes a sentence before you interrupt him trying to play the "Gotcha Game"…

Rocky Hart says:

America doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Trump is holding 800,000 government workers hostage over a failed campaign promise. Demanding 5.7 billion dollars ransom is domestic terrorism and extortion.

John Kaszanek says:

Americans are facing three terrible dangers: Mainstream Media, Communist Democratic Party, Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Larry Morris says:

When asked why Mueller should denounce the fake news report about the perjured Cohen claiming trump made him lie to congress- clearly self preservation- mueller has no evidence of that and would make mueller hated by all the libtards who were expecting it in his final report- they would kill him in fury!

Larry Morris says:

Reagan gave the dems Simpson Massouli act in 1985 granting amnesty to all illegals currently in the United States on the promise from the dems, that the border would be secured. They lied then, they lie now.

Larry Morris says:

Example of Chris Wallace bias : “ Michael Cohen, the presidents former fixer” repeated multiple times. Why not say without bias- Michael Cohen, who has perjured himself multiple times, claims trump made him lie to congress.

GDPops says:

THE PELOSI SCHUMER COUP…   The shutdown has already cost the economy more than what is being asked for to secure our southern boarder.  STUPID.  The dems are now willing to wreck the best economy we’ve seen in decades just to get a POLITICAL advantage in the 2020 presidential election.  SHAME ON THEM

James Bremkamp says:

North Korea is willing to negotiate but dems are not!

Heather McConnell says:

Some day, the US Press will realize that they can't take back all of the disrespect and rudeness they showed this admin. Yes, even FOX wants to stake some territory in the middle or maybe even the Left. So conservatives currently have little voice. And the Left just talks over anyone who tries to explain our side, or worse, uses name-calling as if that makes some point. What goes around comes around and DJT won't be POTUS forever. But MAGA in the hearts of The People will still be there.

Irv Rosenthal says:

Only Trump's stupid 30% base don't want the shutdown to stop. They will when it starts hurting their pocket books.

MarioFreak1989 says:

We the people want a permanent solution for TPS and DACA not a temporary soulation

Real Cool Videos says:

When President Trump is gone democrats will lie, cheat and steal to destroy the United States, ruin the ecomony, raise taxes, kill jobs etc. Just like Obama days but worse.

James Day says:


Paul L Mowers says:

CLAYBURN another loser WE be seeing…

hrod57 says:

here we go..Newt with total B.S. will forget all he said when speaker of the house…

Paul L Mowers says:

This Man is Why Some no longer Trust The Fox News Lately Wallace….

Paul L Mowers says:


Shelton Fernando says:

what you love your self stupid Democrats you gay responsible, not our president stupid

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