Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Meet with Angel Moms Protesting Inside Her Office

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A group of Angel Moms on Tuesday afternoon protested inside the Capitol Hill office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who refused to meet with the grieving family members who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime as Democrat leaders remain unwilling to support a bill to fund a U.S. Southern border wall.


casper C. says:

Fake NEWS CNN wont report this

G G says:

Illegals bang on doors. You all Bang hell out them doors…Nancy and Schumer r 2 face no good piece of shit. Anything happen to them I'd stand and clap…i hate lot people…but should not….but I really really hate them 2 SOB…may they rot in hell….

Rodney Armstrong says:

Of coarse she doesn't want to meet them she's a coward. And it just shows how selfish and evil these people are. They are not working for the people there just wanting to do there own agendas. And god bless trump and lord keep him safe.

iceman11849 says:


mike rockfort says:

the demorats know when enough illegals get to vote in texas and florida its all over for america,dems will win every presidential election,just look at california where a republican can never win again.

color Sgt pennywhistlepete says:

Confront Pelosi and all disgusting democrats. Hamper and hinder their every movement.give them a taste of their own medicine chance them out of public places. Time of civility is OVER!

Mario Caguimbal says:

Build the wall.

Wendell says:

The sad part is the media will pretend they're racist and bigoted yet many of them have minority sons and family members. The loss of anyone to an illegal alien is inexcusable because it's one of the crimes we can actually control. The loss of life isn't even the only crime being committed.

Perry b says:

these people are so fucking retarded, what an eye opener.

Jamal Ginsburg says:

End catch and release!

Bob Smith says:

Love what you are doing. Keep rubbing her nose in her own slop.

TheCrazyScatman says:

Twitter this

Paul C. says:

Schumer and Pelosi are scum of the earth.

Linda DeRouen says:

I say this is enough crisis for legislators to build the wall as soon as possible! Pelosi and Schumer ARE the crisis!!!

Laurence Smith says:

cnn / nbc are not covering pelosi's dis to these Families

Savage liberals would be pounding on the door by now…..if it were a Republican

American Born Patriot. says:

Where is the Rev. Edwin Mah Lee? Oh, he dead.

American Born Patriot. says:

You're still not identifying American Democrats THE CRIMINAL MENACES THAT THEY ARE.

Vicki Chavez says:

Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to America Angel moms and dad travel to meet with her and she doesn't give them the time of day so very,very cold hearted just goes to show you who is really responsible for shutdown

TK Smith says:

Prayers for the nation .. Any one heard what's up in Africa ? Zimbabwe internet black out ? ..Looting in streets ?.. Fuel prices doubled ?…

Austin The Terrible says:

Close the border!

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