Did Trump Just Trick Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Shumer Into Paying For The Wall Using Food Stamps?

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Adam Mcgrath says:

If all these illegals are so great….why aren't their countries in better shape?

Chelsea Watson says:

It's a shame what us level headed individuals have to be subjected to, simply because these people are such terribly sore losers. It really is a crying shame. These people claim they are Americans, yet they cant see past their noses for the good of their own country. Trump has done so much good since he has been elected. It blows my mind that these people actually have the gull to claim otherwise. We got the crooked media like CNN and all of Hollyweird telling these sheep how to think and who to follow. It is terrible how brainwashed these people are. It's starting in colleges with these liberal professors….. I think that being liberal or Democrat should be treated as a mental illness. (And i genuinely mean no offense to those with mental disabilities)

Normando Binkier says:

Plant a bunch of bouncing bettys with warning signs along the most vulnerable places if no barrier is approved.

room-ten-oh-nine ! says:

No Wall! A mine field will work just fine.

Sheri Dobson says:

Who murdered bre payton? Why did trump pardon epstein? Why did trump pardon the mass murdering Bush family? Why did trump fly to nastiest globalist Child fucking event in argentina? Caviar sausage and fucked dead children! ? Why did trump murder b re payton! Thomas Jefferson and George Washington have us the constitutional army to take our country back! FUCK trump!

ActivistGranny says:

Good video Joe Wayne.

Jan Johnson says:

There is so much crime in Mexico it's flowing north. They don't CARE as long as it doesn't effect them dems.
It want effect them until it will effect them. Then that's a different story.

Jan Johnson says:

Same area boarder portals found a 6 year old little hespic girl wondering in same area she been raped. She was tested at hospital she had DNA from 30 different type of males.
That proves SHE was traffic for sex. The list can go ON n ON

Malcolm Fisher says:

Glad you are back! Praying for you. So sorry the crazy evil in this world has bit you in the butt. The globalists have been kicking and screaming loudly and praying and hoping it’s their death agonies.
One advantage of all this craziness is showing in 3D who the DemonRats are and what they stand for. Surely the remaining sleeping America will wake up. Pray for America, 2Chronicles7:14. God bless America and God bless Trump.

Jan Johnson says:

Joe my cuz was shot 7 times in az. Drug RUNNERS shot him they walked across the boader there was no fence or a wall.
They was caught and arrested before they could get to Nogales.

One love says:

Sign up at BitTube!

Krystal Patterson says:

It is not low income Americans,it's immigrants that are on our welfare system because they come in and expect us to feed them!!!!!

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