Meet the kids who grew up in Chinese takeaways – BBC Stories

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BBC Stories meets the children of Chinese immigrants who sacrificed their childhoods by working. From peeling shrimp to confronting racist customers, they grew up fast to help their immigrant parents.
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Waltzie May says:

This video really highlights what it feels like to be a takeaway kid and the efforts and sacrifices our parents made to give us a good life. I’m really touched by this video and glad to hear that other takeaway kids have shared the same experiences as I have :’) ❤️

AH HENG says:

Chinese food are interesting but Cantonese & Hakka food are delicious…

Thenu Siva says:

British to a Chinese: Could I order a dog?
If I was Chinese, I would say…
Chinese to a British: I hear a dog barking.
Racism is still a issue in the U.K.
This has to stopped!
Hats of to these people… Great video concept.

Hao Li says:

all these kids grown up look extremely un-stylish and the food cooked look extremely un-sophisticated in comparison even with a B listed restaurant in modern China, I feel they still stayed with their stubborn and slowly changed parents in the 70s and never bothered to changed probably the bad food were never to bad for the naive British tastes…this will not stay long more and more people have traveled to China and many know what modern Chinese young people are like and what authentic Chinese taste supposed to be…as a oversea Chinese I believe one should make more connection with his motherland and realized how much progressed those back home had made since they left and learn back from your roots. China and Chinese cuisine is nowadays much more modern and sophisticated, Chinese community would need to realized they just have not actually made as much and fast improvement and progressed in their stagnant host country…..

shingman5 says:

Love the video!! It truly relates to how my parents had a Chinese takeaway when I was growing up. A lot of hard work, graft and dedication they contributed for the kids.

They had a fish chip shop & takeaway back in the mid 70’s and happily retired in 2002.

Originally had 2 chip shops when they arrived in the UK. Sold the 1st chip shop when I was born in the mid 80’s. Combined fish chips and Chinese takeaway.

This is before just eat, pos,world wide web and deliveries!

Loads of great memories….

Nes232 says:

This is so cool! Mad respect!

Local Asbestos Removal says:

i was that kid underneath the take away counter ..ha ha

tom111 says:

Go back to your own country. You chinky chonky dog eater

Vivien Tang says:

I can relate to pretty much all of this. What an amazing video. Brings back memories!

Da Wang says:

show my respect to all the hard-working people

maria cheung says:

Wow, thanks for the upload. Really bring back memories! Tons and tons of memories.

RespectOthers says:

I think our reputation for hard working and 'eat bitter' has definitely gained respect and lessened the racism towards us over the years. It's a pity that childish prank calls still happens but thankfully only once in a blue moon! 😀

Andrew says:

Growing up in a takeaway where social life was zero, only day off was Tuesday, however I was fortunate to afford things other kids didn't. 30 years onI thank my mum and dad for literally slaving over a hot stove to ensure us kids have a decent education and future.

Guurl Unknoown says:

bless them all! <3 glad the story shows the hard work of these people and their story.. All the best to them! 🙂

Hayley Quinn says:

Aways remember being a kid ordering the Chinese on a Friday night , going in to the shop and the little bog and girl in the front at the desk, to look back its quite funny kids dealing with kids lol!

xiaoliangtube says:

How come they're all a little bit chubby.

325133 says:

This is great

RavingEuge100 says:

I have gone to school with Chinese takeaway kids. Thank you for coming to UK you did us great service over the years! Unlike other ethnicitys I can think of…

wendy Robson says:

This is me! Doing my homework in the back, serving customers on Fridays and Saturdays (always the busiest)

gretarello says:

What a fantastic video!

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